June 23, 2024

Eric Clapton launches another denial attack: ‘Vaccines for mass hypnosis’

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This statement has been just another part of the repertoire of denial since the beginning of the pandemic. Clapton already wrote a song against lockdown

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Forum portal Legendary British guitarist Eric Clapton, 76, one of the gods of rock and roll, has decided to write another baffling chapter of his downfall when he stated during an interview with The Real Music Observer, on YouTube, last Friday – 21, that vaccines protect against Covid -19 is not really a tool for “mass hypnosis”.

The ridiculous phrase has been just another one of the repertoire of denial since the beginning of the pandemic. Clapton has already composed an anti-lockdown song and has stated several times that he will refuse to play in venues that require proof of immunization.

“Whatever the note, it didn’t reach me. Then I began to realize that there was already a note, and one man spoke about it, Matthias Desmet (Professor of Psychology at the University of Ghent in Belgium). And that’s cool. Theory of mass formation hypnosis. And I can see it afterwards. Once I started searching, I saw it everywhere…” Then I remembered seeing little things on YouTube that were like unconscious ads. It has been going on for a long time: “You will have nothing and you will be happy.” And I thought, What does that mean? And little by little, I prepared a kind of puzzle. And that made me even more resolute,” said the legendary musician in a vague and presumably mystic speech.

He admitted to the interviewer that he had been immunized with the vaccine produced by AstraZeneca, but that this would have happened because he had succumbed to the vigorous propaganda of pharmaceutical, public and communications agencies, but said that once he had made “a discovery” about the “plot,” he abandoned the vaccination schedule.

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