June 24, 2024

Evaristo Costa sues CNN after his “insulting” expulsion – Zoira

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Evaristo Costa sues CNN after his "insulting" expulsion - Zoira

after existence Launched by CNN BrazilAnd Evaristo Costa I decided to file a lawsuit in civil court against the broadcaster, with Compensation claim. The journalist accuses the TV of lack of professional respect and moral and material damage, according to the portal’s columnist wool.

According to the pro in September, he learned of the disconnection while watching the channel’s new programming call. in a HolidayEvaristo noted that the show he was presenting, CNN Séries Originalis, was not on the schedule.

“I called to find out why and was told that it has been removed from the network and that the company is no longer interested in my services.”

Evaristo Costa


The journalist thinks the right thing is to be the first to report and look into the class insulting The shape chosen by the cutting direction. “They kicked me through the back doors,” he said at the time.

Post from Evaristo Costa on Instagram

Legend: Evaristo posted the information on Instagram

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CNN said several attempts were made to force him to stay at home.But he would have rejected the proposals.

According to columnist Ricardo Feltrine, Evaristo will seek compensation from 300 thousand Brazilian riyals. The operation is still at an early stage and does not have a definite date for a result.

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