June 13, 2024

Mayara and Marisa impress the audience in a show

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Mayara and Marisa impress the audience in a show

Mayara and Marisa rose at dawn on Monday (15) to honor Marilia Mendonca – Died in a tragic plane crash on the 5th of November. The duo took to a show in Lorena, São Paulo, which would be The Queen of Suffering.

As expected, the venue was at full capacity and an additional performance was opened for fans. From the very first minute of the show, a lot of emotions took over the space. Fans, with tears in their eyes, sang songs and demanded hit songs from the “chiefs”. On the screen, in the back of the stage, Marilia Mendonca was present with pictures of clips and concerts.

splash He was at the event and followed the show with the audience’s gaze. The tribute has been driving the region since the start of the week, with long queues to buy tickets, tours coming from different cities in the country, and a legion of enthusiastic fans following the departure of the “Queen of Suffering”.

Mayara and Marisa in concert in Lorraine - Lucas Pasin / UOL - Lucas Pasin / UOL

Mayara and Merissa at a show in Lorraine

Photo: Lucas Pasin/UOL

Shortly before the presentation, Mayara and Marisa posted on social media talking about the honor they would pay. Marisa wrote:

When the office was deciding who would perform on Lila’s schedule, I made myself available to do them all, as long as God would give me strength! I’m going to meet whatever I can because I can’t imagine anyone doing this other than me and my sister. It is very difficult for me to force a smile in front of all this, take pictures, show myself on stage, because in reality I will never be. But God, little by little, gives understanding and shows that we cannot stop. she has. for us!.

And she continued, “I’m sure God will continue to give us a lot of wisdom and a lot of strength for us to carry on this legacy. See you soon at Lorena/Sb. To infinity! Today will be her party at Lorena/B. I know it won’t be easy, nor did she Not so, because no one really knows what’s on our minds and hearts! That’s why I appreciate the strength you’ve given us. And let’s make this show to her! Let’s make it happen!”

“We have never lost a very important person.”

The declaration of friendship to Marilia Mendonca continued throughout the show. Marissa said to the audience as soon as she got on stage:

We’re here today to help build the story of other women. Marilia was pure art. She always took care of us. We have never lost a very important person in our lives. We can say that the bosses will be limitless

They sang songs such as “Bebi Liguei”, “Bebaca”, “Infiel”, “Forget me if you can” and “Everyone But You”.

before the presentation Dozens of fans visited the studio of tattoo artist Elton Faria, from Guaratinguetá, a city adjacent to the concert venue.. The professional created a tattoo mixing the round symbol “Todos os Cantos” with the phrase “Human If You Can”, a new hit by the “bosses”.

Luisa Sonza sings “Inville”

Luisa Sonza sympathizes with Mayara and Marisa when honoring Marilia Mendonca - Lucas Bassin/UOL - Lucas Bassin/UOL

Luisa Sonza sympathizes with Mayara and Marisa when honoring Marilia Mendonca

Photo: Lucas Pasin/UOL

Luísa Sonza also participated in the Maiara and Maraisa Show in Lorena, São Paulo. The singer moved and watched part of the performance from the side of the stage, and was called to participate Song The “infidel” with a twin country side.

These women… I have nothing but this to say, they and…! It’s a formidable strength to make this show, said Luisa, who cried when she remembered one of Marilia Mendonca’s lead songs.

Before the show, Luisa followed with great affection the songs sung by Miara and Marisa. Friends even hugged the singer several times and watched with interest the presentation that honored Marilia Mendonca.

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