February 21, 2024

Everyone in Generation Z should follow this inspiring lesson from Barack Obama

Famous former US President Barack Obama raises concerns about the ideal job for current and future generations, including his daughters.

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As the proud parent of 22-year-old Natasha Obama and 24-year-old Malia Ann, Obama recently joined the streaming platform Netflix with a new documentary series called “Work.” The series is based on the popular book by Studs Terkel of the same name and contains four episodes.

During an inspiring interview with LinkedIn, Obama shared how he was deeply affected by reading Terkel’s book, highlighting the importance people place on being useful at work, especially during a global pandemic.

Obama expresses concern for Generation Z, who are increasingly concerned with finding purpose in work and giving meaning to every role they play in their lives. He notes the importance of some jobs, even if they seem monotonous, as essential parts of personality growth and development.

Throughout the interview, the former president criticized his generation’s “obsession” with stature and wealth, arguing that this often distracts from essential aspects, such as cultivating lasting relationships and valuing family love.

Obama stresses that work plays a crucial role in building personal relationships, but he also highlights the importance of appreciating a variety of professions and not limiting the pursuit of purpose to the professional realm. He notes that other areas of life, such as true friendships and participation in volunteer activities, can also provide personal meaning and fulfillment.

The Trabalho docuseries offers an opportunity to reflect on the complexities of the current world of work and the aspirations of new generations in their search for meaning and fulfillment in their professional lives.

By addressing these issues with eloquence and insight, Obama invites viewers to engage in an important and enriching conversation about the future of work, encouraging the search for a healthy balance between the demands of career and the various dimensions of personal life.