February 21, 2024

Silvio Berlusconi’s funeral attended by family, two ex-wives, supporters and fans | world

Mourners appear outside the Milan Cathedral where Silvio Berlusconi’s funeral took place on June 14, 2023 – Photo: Yara Nardi/Reuters

Italy bid farewell to former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Wednesday. The funeral of the political leader was marked by the presence of his family, his two ex-wives and thousands of civilians who came to pay their respects.

Crowds waved flags of soccer club AC Milan, which Berlusconi has owned for more than three decades, and chanted “Silvio, Silvio” as his coffin was carried into Milan’s Gothic cathedral.

Who is Silvio Berlusconi, the former Prime Minister of Italy who died at the age of 86?

Inside were about 2,300 mourners, including women, politicians and businessmen, who accompanied the 86-year-old man during his rise to power and wealth.

The funeral was attended by most of Italy’s party leaders, including Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, whose unprecedented decision to declare a national day of mourning drew criticism from some commentators and politicians.

Eleonora, Barbara and Luigi Berlusconi outside the Milan Cathedral where Silvio Berlusconi’s funeral took place on June 14, 2023 – Photo: Yara Nardi/Reuters

His current partner Marta Vasina, 33, stayed with the billionaire’s children. Marina, Berlusconi’s eldest daughter and head of the Fininvest royal family, held Facina’s hand as she arrived at the funeral.

Vashina firmly held a position in the family. She and Berlusconi have never been married, but last year they exchanged rings in a symbolic ceremony and he publicly called her his “wife”.

There were two ex-wives of the billionaire. Veronica Lario, who married him at the time of the “Bunga-Bungas” scandal, and Francesca Pascal, who has been married to Berlusconi for 10 years, divorced in 2020.

Officials carry the coffin with the body of Silvio Berlusconi, at the door of Milan Cathedral on June 14, 2023 – Photo: Claudia Greco/Reuters

A source close to the family told Reuters that Berlusconi will cremate and keep his ashes in a mausoleum he built for himself and his family on the land of his villa outside Milan.

Then the coffin was taken to Berlusconi’s villa, where the former leader will remain until cremation in a few days.

Throughout his life, Berlusconi has built a large family of five children, more than a dozen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. According to Forbes, he also leaves a fortune estimated at around $6.8 billion USD (33 billion R$).