June 4, 2023

“Everything cracked”; Influencer Conducts Controversial Test Using Virginia Brand Lipsticks And Multiple People Accept Proof Of Product Fixation

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After the controversial Virginia rule, the internet community has been experimenting with lipstick

© Play / Instagram / @belle_belinha_Belle Belinha tested Virginia’s own lipstick

belle Belinha It’s one of the feelings Tik Tok The influencer is known for posting fun videos about her roles in traditional neighborhoods Sao Paulo like freedom and Augusta. This week, she went viral again after she took a test run with influential lipstick brand Virginia.

It turned out to be a companion product promotion Felipe costume She claims that her lipstick does not come off her lips even through kisses and Belle Belinha went to verify this information. The creator passed the producer and gave countless kisses in the video posted on the platform.

Belle Belinha is a popular influencer and celebrity among young people on social media (instagram/instagram/@belle_belinha_)

Big good or big bomb?? Would you wear this lipstick for a million riyals?Belinha asked her.I’ll try lipstick Virginia, because, according to the singer, she herself said that you can kiss as much as you want and it won’t come out. I’ll leave it up to you to see that it’s not a lie“, He said.

I will test it and see if it is good or not. She says it’s super comfortable, the color is high-impact, long-lasting, and waterproof…if my mouth is as dry as mine a baseI’m killing that Virginia. I’ll wait for it to dry and I’ll be there to ride the ride to see if it really works‘, admonishing. After the kisses, Bell announced: ‘People look at the lipstick result in Virginia, and get a close-up. Look what a big bomb, it promised to stay, it didn’t last, it promised to install, it didn’t, it promised to dry and it didn’t. When it was already half that, everything cracked, prof big bomb, very upset, I thought it was too expensive. 40 Brazilian reals sounds like a cent, right?“, He said.

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