July 22, 2024

Ex-child actor found dead at age 19

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Ex-child actor found dead at age 19
Ex-child actor found dead at age 19

Matthew MindlerWho is famous in the world of film artistsidiot brother‘, dead this Saturday (28), near Millersville University, Pennsylvania.

The 19-year-old actor has been missing since last Tuesday (24), when he was spotted on his way to a campus parking lot. The cause of death has not yet been released.

The former child actor was reported missing by local police the day after his “disappearance”. The discovery was made after he had not returned to the classroom.

The university confirmed the death of Matthew Mindler, 19, of Hillertown, Pennsylvania, a first-year student at Millersville University, with a sad heart. Matthew has been searched for since Thursday after he was reported missing. Matthew was found dead this morning, Saturday, August 28, in the town of Manor near the campus.”

My Brother’s Idiot was released in 2011. In production, Matthew Mindler distinguished himself from other protagonist Paul Rudd. Other works that are part of his career include “As The World Turns”, “This American Life: One Night Only at BAM” and “Solo”.

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