June 13, 2024

Thales Britas celebrates two years of the arrival of his sons into his life

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Thales Britas celebrates two years of the arrival of his sons into his life

Talise Britas, 40, used social media tonight to celebrate two years since the arrival of his sons Romeo and Gayle into his life and Paulo Gustavo – who died in May as a result of complications from COVID-19.

Through stories on Instagram, the dermatologist posted a series of photos with the children and Paulo Gustavo and stated that the early days with them were filled with learning.

Talise Britas with one of their children with Paulo Gustavo - clone / instagram - clone / instagram

Talise Britas with one of their children by Paulo Gustavo

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

“We were so thrilled (and exhausted) that these two new dreams came true. Everything is new, even cutting a nail becomes a challenge… Bedtime was the best, but what if I woke up? Those were the memories the phone suggested from two years ago.. How much has changed? “.

Talise Britas and Paulo Gustavo married in 2015, in Rio de Janeiro, and they have two children, Gael and Romeo. The boys were born through surrogates in the United States.

‘Giant and wonderful dad’

the eighth of last August, Talise Britas celebrated Father’s Day with the children of the coupleAnd Romeo and Gael, they gave a beautiful tribute to Paulo Gustavo.

I am so thrilled to have children, and so happy to do so alongside another huge and wonderful father, who has marked our lives forever! I want to live many things with these two pieces of me and Paolo Gustavo! Thank you for this opportunity, and thank you to my father for setting an example for me and teaching me so much to move forward as well. I know that not everyone has a father. Not everyone has a mother, like me. And many, like us, have lost important pieces. We can not give up love, for love! Thales Britas on Instagram

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