September 28, 2023

Exclusive 1990s Apple Sneakers Available for $50000

Rare Apple-branded sneakers from the 1990s are now up for sale at the staggering price of $50,000. These coveted sneakers, known as Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers, were custom-made exclusively for Apple employees and were never available to the public until now.

The sneakers, which can be found on auction house Sotheby’s website, come in a men’s U.S. size 10.5. They feature a sleek white leather upper adorned with rainbow Apple logos on the tongue and next to the laces. As an added bonus, the lucky buyer will also receive an extra pair of red laces to provide a pop of color.

Although these sneakers have never been sold to the public before, they are part of “The Apple Collection,” a unique catalogue of Apple-branded merchandise and clothing from 1986. This collection showcases the brand’s creative partnerships with renowned companies such as Lamy, Honda, and Braun.

While the sneakers are new and unused, their age does come with a few imperfections. The midsoles have started to yellow, there are some traces of glue, and light marks can be seen on the toe boxes. Nonetheless, these slight signs of wear only add to their authenticity and make them a true collector’s item.

The listing of these rare sneakers on Sotheby’s has sparked interest among Apple enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. It serves as a testament to the public’s unwavering dedication to the Apple brand and its iconic products. In fact, in 1985 alone, more than 22,000 individuals bought clothing and accessories from Apple, showcasing the brand’s immense popularity.

If you’re an Apple lover who wants to own a piece of the brand’s history, these Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers might just be the perfect addition to your collection. With their remarkable rarity and unique design, they are sure to turn heads and provoke envy among fellow Apple enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this obscure and highly sought-after piece of Apple history.