June 13, 2024

Shiv Telegram Media reports TikTok user facing lawsuit from Activision over audio usage dispute

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Shiv Telegram Media reports TikTok user facing lawsuit from Activision over audio usage dispute

Title: Activision Files Lawsuit Against TikTok User Over Content Use Dispute

Following a heated dispute regarding content usage, gaming giant Activision has initiated legal action against TikTok user Anthony Fantano, also known as TheNeedleTok. Fantano had threatened to sue Activision for allegedly utilizing his content without permission. The case, which has garnered significant attention in recent weeks, captures the ongoing battle over intellectual property rights in the digital age.

In June, Fantano reached out to Activision, claiming that the company had used audio from one of his TikTok videos without obtaining his consent. The video in question featured Fantano watching someone cut a pizza into progressively smaller slices, exclaiming, “it’s enough slices.” The entertaining clip quickly gained popularity, becoming a meme that was remixed and repurposed multiple times over the past two years.

While Fantano initially appeared to celebrate the widespread usage of his content, his attitude shifted when Activision incorporated the “it’s enough slices” audio into a TikTok video promoting their Crash Bandicoot sneakers. Fantano demanded the immediate removal of the video and settlement negotiations with the company.

Activision, however, denied any wrongdoing but chose to remove the video to avoid potential legal complications. Despite the removal, Fantano expressed his intention to file a lawsuit in New York, even though neither party resides in the state. Subsequently, Activision engaged in discussions with Fantano’s lawyer, who reportedly demanded a hefty six-figure settlement, citing previous settlements reached with other companies.

To defend their actions, Activision argues that TikTok’s terms of service permit third parties to modify and reproduce user content, adding that they obtained Fantano’s audio from a list of sounds cleared for commercial use on the app.

Taking a proactive approach, Activision has filed a lawsuit in California, seeking a jury trial and declatory relief to prevent Fantano’s lawsuit from proceeding. The company aims to assert its rights and highlight the legal protective measures surrounding content creation and utilization.

This lawsuit carries significant implications for the wider debate surrounding intellectual property rights in the context of user-generated content and social media. The outcome of this legal battle could serve as a precedent for future cases centering around the appropriation of digital content within the gaming and online community.

As both parties brace themselves for the legal battle ahead, the wider industry remains invested in the outcome, keen to understand the boundaries and responsibilities regarding content usage in the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms.

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