June 5, 2023

Explore the world driving a virtual car with the new Google Maps tool

Although it is the dream of many people to have the opportunity to see the world, this desire costs a lot. With this in mind, a driving simulator called Driving Simulator has been developed, which allows anyone to drive a car through Google Maps and go around the world visiting different places in a virtual way.

See below for more details on this technology.

Knowing different places in the world is now easier

With each passing day, technology is developing more and more, however, some dreams become fulfilled in parts. After developing the virtual driving simulator software, people will be able to visit different cities around the world without having to leave their homes.

After all, how does the program work?

Are you one of those people who like to spend hours and hours working Google Maps Getting to know new cities or regions? Well, the driving simulator and to you. The big difference is that the exploration of these new places takes place through a virtual car, but with simple graphics and without great resources.

Given this simplicity, users should not expect a very realistic simulation, but it will still be a very interesting pastime.

Is the program difficult to use?

Since it has a very user-friendly interface, anyone will be able to use the software. The curious and explorers, for example, will be able to monitor the speedometer and see how fast they are moving on the map.

So far, all the comments regarding the program have been very positive, both in terms of its functionality and the convenient way to visit the different places.

How to use the driving simulator?

The way to use it is very simple:

Click this connection and click on “Start”;

In the Site Name field, you select your identity and click Go.

After these steps, you just need to choose how you want to display the map. The presence of “map”, “satellite” or “hybrid” options.