June 5, 2023

Epic Games CEO announces Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard

During the day yesterday, news came out that although it didn’t seem to make much noise, it would be of great importance to the sector in the future. Phil Spencer confirmed in an interview that if the purchase of Activision Blizzard were approved, Xbox would jump into the mobile market with the Xbox Mobile Platform, its own app store that would take Android and iOS devices to try and deal with the duopoly. Created by Google and Apple within this market.

Like I said, the news went a little unnoticed for some users, but not for people in the industry. Without going any further, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney celebrated the news, stressing that “great news” is the potential expansion of Xbox into the mobile market, to compete in a real way with Android and iOS.

It must be remembered that Sweeney was a great opponent of the dominance that Google and Apple currently enjoy in the mobile phone market, being an important part of the EU decision that the two companies must agree in the future to acquire stores from other companies in their different operating systems, It thus favors competition in the mobile market, which is something Microsoft has supported Epic Games from the very beginning.

Microsoft launching mobile app stores to compete with the iOS App Store and Google Play Store is great news and highlights that the existing Microsoft Stores for PC, Valve and Epic are tomorrow’s biggest competitors for mobile expansion.

In this way, Sweeney’s wish and the demands made by the company in its lawsuit against Apple are finally fulfilled. By the way, the CEO of Epic Games guarantees in his post that “MicrosoftAnd valve that it epic are the main competitors tomorrow for expansion into mobile devices,” highlighting the number three market leaders in PC hardware.

For now, we’ll have to wait until March 2024 at the earliest for this Xbox Mobile platform to become a reality. But there is no doubt that the creation of this new store, as well as the possible arrival of something similar from Epic and Valve, could cause a complete change in the foundations of the mobile market.