March 30, 2023
Fans 'play together' in Manaus, but Jesus trumpet to call Gabigol - 10/14/2021

Fans ‘play together’ in Manaus, but Jesus trumpet to call Gabigol – 10/14/2021

Today (14) the Brazilian national team played its first match with a paid audience in two years and three months. In the Arena da Amazonia, Beat Uruguay 4-1 in a convincing performance In which fans played together, cheering for the entire 99 minutes of dribbling. According to data from the organization, there were 12,538 attendees for an income of R$2,943,725.00.

Neymar It was the name that most fans sang during the match, but Gabigol Don’t leave it behind. Booked against Uruguay on the option of Tite, who decided to play Rafinha, the Flamengo striker has been the subject of requests from fans to join since the first half. The first time he shouted “Ah, it’s Gabigol” louder was in the 33rd minute, when Gabriel Jesus lost the opportunity to finish inside the area.

The crowd resumed the chorus at the start of the second half and increased when Gabriel Jesus lost another chance to score – the striker had been fasting for the national team since the Copa America final in 2019. In 15 minutes, to the ecstasy of the crowd, Tite decided to do so, substitution. Gabriel Jesus left the field on alert and got support from the coach right away. Gabigol finished scoring the last goal in the 39th minute.

Despite Gabigol’s request which resulted in Gabriel Jesus being injured, fans in Manaus backed coach Tite with the song “Olê, Ole, Ole, Tite, Tite”. The coach was the target of protests on social media, but in front of 12,000 fans in Manaus, the relationship with the fan seemed the best it could be.

The traditional chants of “a thousand goals, a thousand goals, a thousand goals, only Pele, only Pele”, “first four-time champion, only fifth is Brazil” and “I am Brazilian with great pride, with great love” were also sung in Manaus.

Ten thousand tickets for the derby were sold today, and the rest of the seats were filled by fans who had already been vaccinated against the Corona virus and entered an online raffle. In total, about 35% of the Arena da Amazonia, which is approximately 15,000 seats, was occupied.

Brazil’s next home match as a team should be on November 11, at the New Quémica Arena, in Sao Paulo, against Colombia. The team was to play in the stadium last month against Argentina in front of 1,500 guests, but the match was stopped in the first minutes. In July, 5,500 guests watched the Copa America final against Argentina. The ticket sales chart for the November tour has yet to be determined.