February 29, 2024
Brazil finished fourth in the Balloon World Cup;  know what |  Globalism

Brazil finished fourth in the Balloon World Cup; know what | Globalism

Over half a million people watched the first version of Twitch live on the Twitch platform. Balloon World Cup, organized on Thursday (14) at Spain By streamer Ebay Janos and soccer player Gerard Pique.

Watch the final moments of the World Cup Balloon decision in the video above

Representatives from 32 countries competed in the tournament. NS Peru He took the title, and Brazil, represented by Diego Mendes, took fourth place. Watch how the platform turned out:

  1. Went – Francesco de la Cruz (Peru): Construction work
  2. Paratha – Jan Space (Germany)
  3. Bronze – Jan Franquesa (Spain)

Peruvian representative Francesco de la Cruz raises the Balloon World Cup on Thursday (14) – Photo: Balloon World Cup via Twitter

What do you mean by World Cup Balloon?

It’s an idea of ​​Ibai Llanos and other streamers — people who stream games or other content on platforms like Twitch — after a video went viral with people playing with a balloon (or balloon, depending on your region) inside a room.

Peruvian Francisco de la Cruz defends Argentine Elian Parado at the Balloon World Cup in Spain on Thursday (14) – Photo: Albert Gia / Reuters

And the game is just that: In a “field” that simulates a room in a house – with a sofa, plant pots and even a playground – two players, one against the other, must hit the balloon to keep it from touching the ground. Hit one by one.

A good player can not only prevent the balloon from falling, but also make it difficult for the opponent to defend.

Representatives of Morocco and Spain play Thursday (14) in the Balloon World Cup – Photo: Albert Jia / Reuters

There is a rule to check plays. For example, slaps on a balloon should always be halfway up the bladder, to prevent the object from falling intentionally or unintentionally.

It’s a two minute leave. In the event of a tie, there is extra time with a “golden balloon” – whoever scores the win – and the rule is not to use your hands for that extra time.

Balloon World Cup table until the final – Photo: Balloon World Cup via Twitter