June 18, 2024

Father Fabio de Mello undergoes arm surgery

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Padre Fábio de Melo passa por cirurgia no braço

Father Fabio de Mello undergoes an operation on his arm. Photo: clone / Instagram @pefabiodemelo

This Sunday, November 28, Father Fabio de Mello He underwent shoulder surgery. He himself reported the case on Instagram, in a long thank you letter that began with the preparations for the procedure. With an already traditional sense of humor, the cleric spoke about the moments before and after the operating room and even shared some team flicks in action.

Of course, as a good priest, he still leaves a touching message for his fans and social media followers. Even with his arm torn off, he was still able to teach everyone a lesson. “I have torn tendons and one of them is torn. The one with the short head is for biceps. With that, other things are torn, immaterial bandages. For physical wounds and doctors. For emotional lacerations, friends. And when do we find the number 2 in the same face?”

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He recalled the beginning of the accident when he had a partial muscle tear. He also summarized how the preparatory process for surgery began. For him, the support of a doctor who gave him both material and human support was essential.

“I lived with a partial rupture for 20 days, but it is no longer working. In the past 10 years, I have received excellent guidance from my dear Paolo Mozzi. I learned with him about the injury, I shared the anxiety, I walked the tracks from the inside. Suddenly, the ‘just known’ began He asks me: “And how are you feeling today?” From aching arm to pangs of anxiety, everything has been shared. Daily prose documents friendship. He remembers acquaintance becoming my friend.

The pastor also said the healing moments were a “pilgrimage,” as he put it. He also mentioned fear and insecurity regarding the surgical procedure.

He knew I was on a pilgrimage. The danger of a permanent rupture terrified me, but his attention and affection for me made me focus my attention on the solution he proposed. I passed. With Muzy came Dr. José Carlos Garcia Junior, one of the greatest references on the subject, and the leader who coordinated the competencies collected. Simple, master, but easy-going, Carlos asks me, he has given me the most precious thing a doctor can give his patient: confidence.”

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Attentive, Father Fabio de Mello cared for the entire team that accompanied him throughout the process, from the doctors to the nurses and friends who had accompanied him at every step for the past few weeks. He even described their respective roles in this move.

“Today was the day. What was at stake is made whole again. I am full of gratitude. To my friend Rodolfo Perez, who was responsible for introducing me to Mozzi and Professor Z Carlos. To Dr. Claudia Kozer Khalil for organizing my paths, Dr. Roberto Khalil, for protecting me as someone who protects Baby, to Dr. Benegas, for first assessment, to Concierge Adelson, for taking me through exams, to my brother Mario Maneño, who never left me alone, to Dr. Pia Idar, who specializes in care and love, and to Adriana Villarino, the sister who gave me life, the brotherly love that Builds me up every day, teach me that generosity is the virtue that most gives harmony to the face.I also thank dear Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro Chavez, Gisele Merha, responsible for the heart of Zee, my brother Matty Pavey, the boy who carries me on his lap, the receptionists, the nurses, the technicians, the instrumentalists , responsible for cleaning up everything that was messing with me.”, included.

Finally, with the same distinct humor, he even joked about his biceps tear. “Anyway, to all those who helped patch the priest,” he concluded.

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