September 28, 2023
Felipão leads Grêmio to campaign G-4 in Brasileirão, but maintains goal: 16th place |  Syndicate

Felipão leads Grêmio to campaign G-4 in Brasileirão, but maintains goal: 16th place | Syndicate

a 2-0 victory over Ciara It makes Grêmio refresh his spirits in the Brazilian championship, despite being in the relegation zone. Even with a G-4 in command, coach Felipão contains euphoria and says the tricolor is meant to be 16th.

The duel against Vovô was the tenth match that Grêmio had with Felipão in Brasileirão. gaucho club He has five wins, two draws and three defeats in this period, With 56.6% usage, higher than Fortaleza, it currently ranks fourth.

Despite performing well with the coach, Tricolor follows in 18th place with 19 points. And he’s thinking exclusively of leaving the Z-4, like Felipão. When asked if he could even show other fights in Brazil, the technician curbed his excitement.

– You guys are kidding. Guild is 18. You can’t think of anything bigger at all. The most important thing we have now is to think about 16th and 15th and look there. Others also play and win. In seven or eight matches we want to fight for 14th and 13th places. It’s not like that – Filipao replied.

Filipau, Grêmio coach – Photo: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio

Grêmio was two points lower than América-MG, the 17th, and three points lower than São Paulo and Bahia, respectively. Rio Grande do Sul has not yet closed 19 matches in the Brazilian national team, as matches with Flamengo and Atletico MG have been postponed and there is still a set date.

The first step is to stick together as a team and get out of the Z-4. We haven’t finished the first round yet on the Z-4. If we end up outside, that’s one thing. But we still face difficulties. We got two points from eight games. In 10 games, we scored 17 points, almost 60%. If we keep 60%, we will eventually breathe. If we don’t continue like this, we will always suffer – Filippau continued.

The coach is responsible for 17 points out of 19 for Gremio so far in Brazil. Before, with Thiago Nunes in office, the Rio Grande do Sul club scored just two points in eight matches.

In the next round, he will face Tricolor Flamengo, on Sunday, 8:30 p.m., in the Maracana. But before that, the two teams were competing for the second leg of the Copa del Rey quarter-final, also on Wednesday in Rio.