February 27, 2024
Felipe Donnelly absolves the blame for Corinthians' defeat and points out the real factor responsible for the relapse

Felipe Donnelly absolves the blame for Corinthians’ defeat and points out the real factor responsible for the relapse

Corinthians could not avoid another person Defeat away from home Saturday night, this time for Ciara, for Brazil. The team was leaked three times with Donnelly in the meta, which he positioned as Fan criticism target. But Felipe Almeida defended the goalkeeper.

“As I said, that, if I remember correctly, he went against Palmeiras also because Cassio was ill with the flu. He played a good game, but he could fall as he was. Playing a safe match (at the time) ”, Vítor Pereira’s replacement started in Press conference, recalling another opportunity Donelli had in the crosshairs of the Corinthians.

After this “flashback”, Felipe spoke about his shirt-32 performance against Ciara. In his opinion, the young shooter had a good performance and received goals due to the merit of the opponent. In addition, he pointed to the real factor responsible for Alvenegra’s defeat: the wear and tear on the entire team.

Also today, what can we point out? I think he did what he could. I haven’t seen the goals on TV, I’ve only seen it live, the first two great goals, their advantages, the third is also the case of passing between the lines and then a pass to dribble the mark and the opponent is already very close to Donnelly, so I guess what we have to say is that … He’s a very committed professional, they all worked really well, with Cássio’s help, he’s also very important, and it wasn’t his fault. We lost because of the obvious team wear‘ he added shortly afterwards.

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