March 4, 2024

Fernando Diniz realizes that Alvinegra’s victory was fair, but complains: “That same referee in Sergipe x Botafogo gave me I don’t know how many minutes of extra time”

Fernando Deniz Take a tactical knot from Luis Castro. a Fluminense was beaten 1-0 by Botafogothis Saturday (20/5), at Nilton Santos Stadium, without shooting on goal. The tricolor coach realized that the result was fair.

Botafogo knew how to play the game, scored well and had the advantages to win. This is peaceful. And we also played without what we could. In addition to the two things, Botafogo scored a very fair victory announced Deniz.

The coach was sent off after the match by the referee Braulio da Silva Machado. He complained about extra time and even mentioned Sergipe x Botafogo for the Brazil Cup. The detail is that in both matches the referee gave nine extra minutes and almost finished at 55 of the final stage.

I wondered about the entitlement criteria. The match stopped for four minutes against Botafogo. There were some head-to-head clashes and people left since the first half, it was a very slow game. There were substitutions and they were all withdrawn, with players leaving late. Strictly speaking, he gave two or three minutes of extra time in a game like this and I went to ask what criteria he used to add time. Because the trend is to increase the additions – lamented Fernando Diniz.

We had matches 11, 12 and 13 minutes into overtime. And in that match, which was stopped for only four minutes for Botafogo’s goal… It’s the same referee who gave me I don’t know how many minutes of extra time in Sergipe against Botafogo. So, there are no standards. I went to question the standards. Nobody abused him and every time he ran matches with me he always had a problem with it. There was no aggression, swearing, or anything. It was a question about the criteria for giving a discount, that’s all. – Completed.