August 7, 2022
Filipao and the coach leave Gremio after the loss to Santos - 10/11/2021

Filipao and the coach leave Gremio after the loss to Santos – 10/11/2021

NS Syndicate At dawn on Monday, coach Filipao announced the resignation of the team’s leadership. In an official note posted on its website, the Rio Grande do Sul tricolor said the departure was in a “common agreement” after a meeting on Sunday evening.

The coach’s departure was imminent. at a press conference After losing to Santos At Villa Belmiro, President Romildo Bolzan Jr. did not guarantee that Luis Felipe Scolari would remain in office.

“We just closed the circle in the locker room and everyone made their own statement. It’s an air of disappointment, for all of us. No matter how much he is a journalist and how concerned he is, this is not the time to talk about it (change in technical committee). No need to talk. About him now. We ache and ache and grieve. At these times you keep silent, you retire, and the next day you can see what Romildo said after the match.

Filippao took over as Gremio coach in July in the relegation zone after the resignation of Thiago Nunes. He only spent three months on the job. in all, Scolari He led the team in this fourth pass in 21 games. There were nine wins, three draws and nine defeats, with a success rate of 47.6%. The team scored 22 goals and conceded 23 goals in the period.

Grêmio is going through a sensitive moment in Brazil. Without a win in four matches, three of which are defeats, the team is the penultimate place in the championship with 23 points. Tricolor is five points from Santos, placing the first outside the sticking area.

Additionally, Scolari was unable to take Grêmio away in the cups he played. In Sudamericana the team at home was eliminated by LDU. In the Copa del Rey, Grêmio’s players fell in the quarter-final against Flamengo.

In the next match, on Wednesday against Fortaleza for Brazil, Thiago Gomes will lead the team.

See Gremio’s official note

Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense reports that, after this evening’s meeting, they have reached a mutual agreement with coach Luiz Felipe Scolari to close the relationship. Felipão leaves Grêmio with his assistants Carlos Pracidelli and Paulo Turra and physical trainer Anselmo Sbragia.

In this fourth stint with Tricolor, the two-time America’s title-winning coach became the second coach to lead more games over Grêmio, completing 385 games in the vault. Last month, he established himself in Grêmio history by putting his name on Calçada da Fama.

The club appreciates the commitment and respect of the technician and his team to the organization during the work period. At the same time, Louise Philippe expressed his gratitude to Grêmio: “And I will always be a member of Grêmio, as I have always been and always will be.” “