March 4, 2024

Galvão described Neymar as an “idiot”? The audio leak after the Brazil match sparked controversy

Rafaela Santos, the player’s sister, commented on the matter on Instagram and blocked the Globo announcer

Reproduction / Globe / 10.11.2021Galvão Bueno fired a “idiot” during the live broadcast of the game

Announcer Good Galvao The trending topic ended up on Twitter after it was leaked live last Sunday 10, an alleged insult directed at the player. Neymar. after, after The match between Brazil and Colombia, which ended in a goalless drawReporter Eric Faria entered live from the stands of the Metropolitan Roberto Meléndez Stadium, in Barranquilla, to give information on what was happening after the match: “The players greet each other on the field. Only Neymar, who as soon as the referee finished the match, left for the locker room. Did not He keeps the protocol for him fair playAt that moment, you can hear Galvão saying, “Idiot.”

On social networks, viewers began to say that the announcer was referring to the attacker and the video from the moment Galvão’s voice leaked and spread on social networks. Neymar did not appear, but Rafaela SantosThe player’s sister commented on the topic on social media. “I’m glad I don’t play ball because I would have picked someone up by my hair, I would hit the floor to the end. I don’t know, I would have gotten a red, yellow, green, blue card, whatever. I don’t have the patience that my brother has. He said, ‘He has the patience,” he said. Ayoub.” “A gentleman during the broadcast called my brother an idiot. Will it be him or you? “