June 14, 2024

Find out how to get “Evil Dead: The Game” for PC for FREE!

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Find out how to get "Evil Dead: The Game" for PC for FREE!

An incredible offer has been made before Epic Games Store about the gameEvil Dead: The GameThanks to that, from now on it is possible to get the game for free on your computer and enjoy it.

However, the amazing promotion will only last until November 24th, after which date, there will be no possibility of redeeming it.

If you are interested in buying Game On your computer, just access game page On the platform and click on the “Get” option. ready! You already have yours and you can take the opportunity to explore Game🇧🇷

And hey! Also, once purchased, the game will always be available in your library.

More on “Evil Dead: The Game”

The story covered during the productions of “Evil Dead: The Game” revolves around a group of survivors who, by chance, end up facing the news that the Kandarian Demon, an ancient demon, has just managed to open a portal.

In turn, this portal is responsible for separating Earth from Hell, and thanks to its opening, thousands of demons and many entities end up invading the city where he lives. Game that happens.

Seeing all this happening, the only task that the group of survivors has to be ready for, both with weapons and with skills to fight against these evil creatures.

Most of the demonic beings end up seeking refuge inside the forest and it will be up to them to exterminate everyone. As for the portal, it remains open, but there are two ways that would make it possible to close it: having all the pages of the “Necronomicon” on hand, as well as a Kandarian saber, two objects that are essential to countering what we call “The Dark Ones”, creatures responsible for Protection of the “Necronomicon”, which can also be called the “Book of the Dead”.

To play “Evil Dead: The Game” it is worth noting that there are two modes, multiplayer and 1 player🇧🇷

what’s up! Comment and share with us if you already got yours, but if not, what are you waiting for?

Don’t miss out on this amazing promotion that only runs until the 24th of this month!

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