February 27, 2024

Find out if you took Lotofácil this Thursday; The prize is 4.5 million Brazilian riyals

a So much easyquiz can pay 2330 4.5 million Brazilian Real Thursday night (23) for whoever hits the 15-dozen at night.

are they:

02 – 04 – 05 – 08 – 10


16 – 18 – 20 – 22 – 23

Two lucky people from Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, shared the Lottofasil Prize yesterday. Each of them will receive 791,261.29 Rls to the house.

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Two hundred and nine bets matching 14 numbers were awarded 1,587.65 R$ each and 11,403 bets matching 13 numbers and won R$ 25.

See the numbers drawn for Lotofácil on Tuesday.

what or what

a what or what, contest 5665, let someone else 1.5 million Brazilian Real Richer this Thursday night. For this, you have to hit five tens of luck.

paying off:

37 – 43 – 49 – 61 – 66

No bookmaker hit the five-dozen Caixa Economica Federal Reserve for Kwena on Wednesday (22).

However, twenty-one bets landed on the field (four points) and each won R$18036.02.

She made 2,878 more bets (three hits) and got 197.90 BRL each.

Watch the dozens drawn for Quina this Wednesday.

double sina

This Thursday, competition 2277 for double sina, with a prize worth 950 thousand Brazilian riyals.

Watch the lucky numbers:

First Draw: 03 – 22 – 29 – 40 – 42 – 48

Second drawing: 10 – 11 – 14 – 18 – 38 – 47

Last Tuesday (21), there were no major lane winners in any of the draws.

However, in the first, five people hit five numbers and got 4,910.64 Brazilian Real. Another 394 bets scored the number of points and each won with 113.95 Brazilian Real.

In the second draw, nine players won 3,928.51 Rls for the corner and 380 earned 118.15 Rls for the pitch.

Did you miss the last Dupla Sena draw? recover here.

Understand how the lottery works

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Lottery drawings are held at Espaço Loterias Caixa, located at Tietê Bus Station, in the city of São Paulo, from 8 pm onwards.

The procedures are closely scrutinized by two renowned auditors, who supervise and validate the drawings.

Metro World News tracks the draws in real time and immediately publishes the results on social networks and the website.