June 28, 2022
Fingers wrinkled?  Recovered from Covid-19 Report new symptoms

Fingers wrinkled? Recovered from Covid-19 Report new symptoms

a The list of symptoms provided by patients diagnosed with the coronavirus continues to grow. The classic symptoms are also joined by wrinkled fingers, dry hands and hives, according to the reports of several users of the social network Reddit, cited by The Sun.

According to the British newspaper, a woman said that her fingers dried up and cracked after contracting the epidemic virus.

Speaking to US-Canadian magazine Vice, epidemiologist Tim Spector links peeling skin with other widely reported symptoms. “They are like Covid fingers that are actually real,” said the professor at King’s College London who is responsible for the Covid Symptom Study mobile app, which is being promoted by scientific research firm Zoe.

Another netizen shared on Reddit that the skin on the hands wrinkled whenever it came into contact with water. According to her, these visible symptoms appeared on the fifth day of infection.

Urticaria also appears frequently in the reports of those who have recovered from Covid-19. However, there is an explanation: a viral infection is a trigger for this condition, as it causes the cells to break down and release histamine, which acts as a mediator of the immune system.

Although these symptoms are not official, these symptoms are in addition to those already known and are among the criteria for screening for Covid-19, such as fever, persistent cough, fatigue, loss of taste or smell.

Remember that you should seek immediate medical help if you are experiencing severe symptoms. People with mild symptoms should be treated at home. On average, a person infected with the virus takes five to six days to show symptoms. However, it may take up to 14 days.

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