August 8, 2022
first day |  20% off Memories & Hard Drives & Free Shipping on Amazon

first day | 20% off Memories & Hard Drives & Free Shipping on Amazon

Random access memory (RAM), solid state drives (SSD), external hard drives, pen drives, and memory cards are among the offerings.

while the Peak day Give Amazon Not enough, the store is showing Main users List of initial offers Since June 21. between themthe company gives 20% off in some types Memories and hard drives Present in the catalog, plus free shipping. Check below a selection of products for sale in this segment.

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The Amazon promote, in this Tuesday and Wednesday – day 12 And the July 13 – Your Tradition Peak day. The annual event of the Internet store is for the company to offer members of its main subscription club a selection of exclusive offers in different product categories. The Amazon He promises to promote national and international brands of different companies at this event that takes place in 24 countriesincluding Brazil.

Amazon Prime Gaming for July brings Maniac Mansion and Elder Scrolls awards online
The selection completes the games that will be presented during Prime Day between July 12 and 13

Memories and Hard Drives 20% off for Prime members

gates adrenaline And the Connected world Will bring a series of other shows within days Peak day. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out on promotions for tech products!


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