February 27, 2024

‘First Love’: Couple born in a teenage dance reunion after 38 years | amazing

First love: 57-year-old Carioca wants to see her boyfriend, whom she met in the 1980s

Those who lived in the 80s remember the courtship that began on dance floors. Boys on one side, girls on the other, romantic music and exchange of glances, even an invitation to dance or close conversation.

38 years ago, at a party like this one, on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, was a story that will forever mark the life of public servant Gene Freitas. Today, she is 57 years old, but at that time she was 19 years old. And that was when she met her first love, Fábio.

“I have to see Fabio! It doesn’t matter what he is, I want to see him,” says Gene, who hopes to kill longing and remember that period of youth.

“Deep down, I still love him,” he admits.

Fabulous accompanied Jane to the place where it all began. Today, it operates a public school, but some characteristics remain the same.

“It gives the impression that I’m going inside and going back in time,” she says, touched.

The couple’s love affair with dancing began 38 years ago. – Image: TV Globo / Reproduction

Dating and jealousy

Jane says Fabio asked her to dance once, but she didn’t want to. But the next week, with the light on, I accepted the proposal. “That cat in front of me, my God. I was already losing,” he recalled.

From the ball, the courtship began. And with love came jealousy.

“I got in late, I thought. Especially since he was working at a place where I got a really good reputation and they said, ‘Is he your boyfriend? Look, I’m kidding him.'”

With this situation, Fábio’s delays became a cause for fights between the couple. Until Saturday night, after nearly a year and a half of dating, the last straw came.

“I’m a little late. I had a ridiculous jealousy crisis. I said he was with someone else and started making trouble where no one is. He didn’t like it, he said he was leaving. Tell him to go and that if he goes it will be over“, to remember.

He left. Time passed, Jane had been married to another person for 23 years, and had two children. Until the separation came and the thought returned again to Fabio. She went so far as to look, but could find no sign of her first love, until she saw Fantástico’s invitation and signed up.

Our team found Fábio in the interior of São Paulo, 270 kilometers and 35 years from Jaine. He tells how he received the news that an old friend was looking for him.

“Isn’t that a surreal section? But I thought it was so cool, that I’m here,” he says, excited.

Jane and Fabio’s reunion finally happened. – Image: TV Globo / Reproduction

To see where this story is headed, watch the full episode of “Primeiro Amor,” in the video above.

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