February 21, 2024

Test your skills and find ‘amazing’ in this word search in just 14 seconds – Metro World News Australia

Word searches can be challenges with a high level of difficulty, given the stipulated time limit and the word to be searched for in the game. However, fun challenges tend to be challenging. So, we have prepared this activity.

In addition, it is possible to share dynamics with friends and family. Thus, they will be able to see who is the most skilled of the group when it comes to the art of word search.

Next, we’ll see if you can find the word “surprising” search by words in just a few seconds. Take a closer look at the chart below:

the exams

The challenge will hone your cognitive skills further. Remember that it must be performed within 14 seconds. If you think you’re a monster at challenges like this, keep practicing with us.

If you finish the word search without checking the result, know that you did a great job! If not, don’t worry. After all, this is not a simple test. Below you can find the answer to the challenge:


the exams

See how the answer is found in reverse in the figure? In this way the degree of difficulty increases as well as the perception skill.

Only a small part is able to select “LUXURY” and “CLASS” in this word search in just 20 seconds

Take another perception test with us: to further sharpen your perception skills, find words “Luxury and luxury” Pictured below! Although the item shown does not represent a level of complexity, the challenge may be more complex than it appears. So, be careful and check if you have reached the correct answer.


If you are struggling to solve the challenge, don’t worry. Click this link and find out the answer now. Remember: not everything is what it seems, so leave aside the understatement and come back to check it out.

Other tests

Did you realize that such tests are not so easy? Metro World News Brasil has prepared a series of challenges to try to solve. Test if you have a keen eye and check out our challenges section. Below you can find some of them.


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