February 27, 2024
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Flamengo fan who traveled on his bike to Uruguay refuses to get a R$9,000 CONMEBOL ticket to stay in ‘chaos’

flamingo fan Gabriel Teixeira Marquez, 31, who traveled by bike from Roraima to Montevideo, He covered a total of 6000 kilometers, and refused CONMEBOL’s invitation to follow the Libertadores final against Palmeiras. He was invited to stay in an area of ​​the Centenário stadium with tickets costing R$9,000.

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In a post on social media, he explained that the trip was not intended to follow the match and it would also be a pleasure to be outside the stadium in “chaos”. “I want to be in the midst of the chaos outside the stadium,” he wrote on social media. “Just being part of the title celebration with the nation is worth any ticket.”

Gabriel explained that when he started pedaling, in August, the Flamengo had not yet reached the final. His trip to Uruguay was not intended to accompany the Heart Club. “The Copa Libertadores final was just a challenge that I included in the adventure,” he said.

Van says he is not going to the game.  Photo: clone
Van says he is not going to the game. Photo: clone
Van says he is not going to the game.  Photo: clone
Van says he is not going to the game. Photo: clone

Finally, the fan was uncomfortable with the fallout from his adventure. He said he neither wanted the media nor the tickets.

“It’s my heart’s team, yes. But it was just another path in the journey,” he repeated.

Uruguay track

On the asphalt strewn with potholes from speeding trucks, Gabriel decides to leave Roraima on his bike to Montevideo. The epic red-and-black cyclist gained social media this past weekend and received support to make part of the journey by bus. The entire track is posted on the Instagram page, and Tweet embed.

Recently, Gabriel passed through Tubarao (SC) and did not have time to reach Montevideo, but a cow helped him walk 540 kilometers without pedaling. After that, he asked to stop the donations.

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“I didn’t even have that expectation of getting a ticket. I was due to go to the stadium and follow, as I think a lot of people would be in the celebration if we won. It’s really cool,” the flamenco player told FolhaBV website, noting that going to the stadium was the least .

In Boa Vista, relatives of the cyclist revealed to FolhaBV that Gabriel left Boa Vista on his bike on August 14 without notifying anyone. According to his brother, Marcel Teixeira Marquez, family members considered the cyclist to be “disappeared”.

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“By chance, my sister found him on social media, and on his Instagram fan page, and we were glad to hear his news, but he didn’t reply to us,” he said.