June 13, 2024

Bahia x Grêmio: Watch Where to Watch, Teams, Embezzlement and Arbitration | Brazilian series

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Bahia x Grêmio: Watch Where to Watch, Teams, Embezzlement and Arbitration |  Brazilian series

Bahia NS Syndicate Friday’s showdown, at 7 p.m. (GMT), in a head-to-head confrontation against the relegation zone in Series A Brazilian Championship. The match is an advanced match from the 36th round Give Tracks every detail in real time.

Bahia goes out three games without a win in the Brazilian championship, a sequence that saw the team enter the relegation zone. Esquadrão appears in 17th place, with 37 points, just one point behind Grêmio, 18th with a game more.

In addition to the relegation zone feud, teams are also fighting an earlier battle that includes refereeing pressures. Ecuadorians assessed that they had been hurt in at least three matches and criticized the action of the referees. On the other hand, Grêmio also revealed his unease and said,Fear of playing against Bahia“.

flow: NS the first show Shows the entire Brazil match, with narration by Daniel Pereira and comments from Janet Arcango, Lidio Carmona and Paulo Nunes. NS Give Follow all the details in real time with exclusive videos.

Bahia – Technician: Goto Ferreira

Gotto lost Juninho who was suspended but won back by Gilberto. The central striker is the team’s top scorer in Brazil with 12 goals, and in the season with 23 goals. The trend is for the ninth jersey to have a Rossi company in a tri-color attack. In defense, Luis Ottavio, who was hit in the head in the last match, should not go to the field.

Potential team: Danilo Fernandez, Nino Paraíba, Conte, Gustavo Enrique and Matthews Bahia; Patrick, Mugeni, and Danielle; Ray, Rossi and Gilberto.

suspended: Conte, Daniel, Ramirez, Goto Ferreira, Lucas Araujo and Rodaliga.

Who is out: Juninho capixaba (suspended); Juna (injured); Isnaldo, Matheus Teixeira, and Marcelo Cirino (transitional period).

Guild – Coach: Wagner Mancini

Mancini tends to keep the squad used in recent matches, with the exception of Lucas Silva and Jonata Robert, who are suspended. Villasante and Alison are the two main options for his replacement. But the coach can also make occasional changes due to wear and tear due to the match sequence.

Possible team: Gabriel Grando; Rafinia (Vanderson), Jeromell, Kahneman & Cortez; Thiago Santos and Vilsante (Victor Popesin); Alison, Campaz, and Ferreira; Borja (Diego Souza).

suspended: Rodriguez, Victor Bobsen, Diego Souza, Fernando Henrique, Darlan, Mateus Sarara, Vanderson, Jeromel, Villasante, Douglas Costa, Bruno Cortez, Campaz and Wagner Mancini.

Who is out: Jonata Robert, Breno and Lucas Silva (suspended)

– Photo: Arte/ge

The match will be moderated by Bruno Arlio de Araujo, assisted by Rodrigo Figueiredo, Enrique Correa and Daniel do Espirito Santo Barro. The trio of Rio de Janeiro. Rodrigo Nunes de Sá (RJ) is the video referee.

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