June 18, 2024

Fortaleza defeats Flamengo in the Maracana and wins its first victory in Brazil

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Fortaleza defeats Flamengo in the Maracana and wins its first victory in Brazil

a Energy First won in Brazilian. On Sunday afternoon (5), Tricolor defeated flamingo 2-1, in a match valid for the ninth round of the 2022 Brazilian Championship. The match took place at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, and was attended by a large crowd.

As a result, Fortaleza reached five points and reduced the distance to Atlético-GO to two. However, Tricolor is still in last place of the tournament.

Leão do Pici’s next challenge will be against Goiás, Thursday (9), at Arena Castelão, at 8pm.

the game

team led by Juan Pablo Vojvoda He put in a great performance and was superior in the match. He opened the scoring with Robson, in the 28th minute of the first half, and even in the first stage he had chances to expand. But he was eventually punished with a goal from Everton Ribeiro in the 49th minute.

In the second stage, Flamengo had the opportunity to turn around, but Pedro took a penalty kick on the crossbar and the match remained tied up until the 46th minute of the second time, when Hercules hit a beautiful kick and issued the final score.



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first half

Juninho Capixaba starts in Fortaleza against Flamengo

take photo:
Vinicius Ballihita / Fortaleza EC

0 – 15 minutes: Flamengo begins with more possession of the ball and control of offensive operations. But in a quick counterattack, Fortaleza has the first good chance of scoring. At 5 minutes, Robson receives a throw from Juninho Capixaba and faces Hugo head-on, but ends up kicking the crossbar and missing a great opportunity. Flamengo’s response came in the 14th minute, after a strong kick between Juninho Capixaba and Buick, the remaining ball for Everton Ribeiro, who hit the crossbar.

15 – 30 minutes: Fortaleza gets better in the game and starts to control the actions more. Romarinho received a superb pass from Pikachu, and from inside the area, he kicked the net from outside. In the sequence, Arão misses the ball, Jussa steals and offers a big help to Robson, who plays Hugo’s outing and opens the scoring. Tricolor plays well and wins the Maracana.

30-45 minutes: Fortaleza’s team maintained a good position and good organization, while Flamengo fans started booing the team, especially defender Pablo and midfielder Willian Arau, who are the two worst players in the home team. However, Tricolor did not take advantage of the opportunities he had, while in the last movement, in the 49th minute, Everton Ribeiro scored a goal with Ayrton Lucas and kicked low and low, to tie the match.

the other half

0 – 15 minutes: The match resumes strongly and after two minutes there is a penalty kick for Flamengo. Pedro was brought down in the area by Benevenuto and after a VAR review, Leandro Vuaden scored a penalty. The striker himself goes for the ball, but sends it to the crossbar, missing the opportunity to turn the match. Fortaleza tries to give the answer in sequence with Robson, but the 7 jersey was offside.

15 – 30 minutes: Vojvoda makes changes and Fortaleza gains new momentum in the match. The game is open and Tricolor creates a great opportunity to score the second goal, with Hercules, in the 25th minute. The midfielder receives a throw in the area and swerves when Hugo Sousa goes away, but it is blocked by Robro Negro goalkeeper and then taken by Ayrton Lucas over the goal line. The game goes on and on.

30 – 49 minutes: Flamengo did their best to attack in search of victory and ended up giving space to Fortaleza’s counterattacks. In the 34th minute, Zé Welison gives a superb pass to Moisés, who leaves Pikachu in good shape to score, in Filipe Luis making an intervention at the moment of the end. However, in the 46th minute, Moisés made a great solo move and kicked Hugo’s defense. On the rebound, Hercules made a beautiful shot for the first time and declared Leonin’s victory.

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