June 13, 2024

Ronaldo, Cruzeiro coach, begins 500 km journey to fulfill the promise of Valladolid | Sea trip

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Ronaldo, Cruzeiro coach, begins 500 km journey to fulfill the promise of Valladolid |  Sea trip

Ronaldo The phenomenon began, early Sunday morning, in Spain, the route of more than 500 kilometers between the cities of Valladolid and Santiago de Compostela, by electric bike. Valladolid manager and Sea trip He begins to fulfill a promise made, only last year, to carry out the track due to the arrival of Real Valladolid to the Spanish first division, which they won last Sunday.

It is the first commemoration of the phenomenon, which is also waiting for the arrival Sea tripYour other club. Minas Gerais is the leader of the second division with 25 points, six points behind second-placed Bahia.

to the newspaper sportsfrom Spain, said the phenomenon was not physically ready for the session.

– The road will be very beautiful. I know physically I will suffer, but it will be an unforgettable experience.

Ronaldo begins his cycling tour in Valladolid – Photo: Instagram / Instagram

Santiago de Compostela is a religious destination for Catholics traveling on foot in Spain. The starting point of the course was from the stadium of Valladolid, Jose Zorrilla. Ronaldo You will pass six stages before reaching the final destination.

The course of the phenomenon in Spain will be as follows:

  • Valladolid – Sahagún – (101 km)
  • Sahagún – Lyon (82 km)
  • Leon – Ponferrada (107 km)
  • Ponferrada – Monforte de Lemos (108 km)
  • Monforte de Lemos – Lalin (66 km)
  • Lalin – Santiago de Compostela (58 km)

Brasiliao Premier Banner – Photo: Reproduction

Ronaldo Tell that he will get support with a car and a company that will organize the road.

– I take a car if something happens, important logistics. There are people who do it with nothing, with a backpack. I’m going to do some rest, because we’re going to be recording a little bit of everything to bring to the channel. All the way from Valladolid to Santiago de Compostela.

Ronaldo I celebrated the accession of Valladolid last Sunday. It is the first rise of your project in football. Now, root a file Sea tripBrazilian Series B leader, with 25 points. He said he would also think of a way to fulfill his promise, should the heavenly team return to Serie A.

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