March 4, 2024

FPF changes the opening time of Santos in Paulistão, in Vila Belmiro

He will face Santos Mirasol at Villa Belmero (Credit: Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo/Santos FC)

The Paulo Football Association issued a change to the schedule for Santos’ Paulistao debut. Previously scheduled for 6:30pm, now Peixe will appear at 8:30pm on January 14, at Vila Belmiro, vs. Mirasol. The entity stated that the change occurred due to a “schedule modification”.

the most we can talk about That the FPF has cut up the regional championship table. Santos will play two matches at Canende Stadium: against Ferroviaria, on January 28, at Vila Canende, and also against Sao Bento, on February 8, at 9:35 pm, on the same stage. This will be Alvinegro’s first duel in a house Portuguesa after partnering with FPF.

In terms of games on open TV, it will be against Guarani, gua Santa, São Bento and Corinthians. Santos is in Group A of the 2023 Paulista Championship, along with Red Bull Bragantino, Botafogo and Inter de Limeira.

The formula for the dispute should be the same as in recent years. In the first stage, teams from one group face off against the teams of the other three. At the end of the first stage, the top two teams in each group advance to the quarter-finals and face each other in a single match, with the team with the best campaign leading.

At the moment, Santos is concentrating on Atibaia to finish off the pre-season. Coach Oder Heilmann’s team also scored a goal in the training match next Sunday (8), against EC São Bernardo, which will be open to the press.

Check out Santos’ table

first round: 01/14/20:30 – Santos x Mirassol – Youtube, Premiere and Paulistão Play

Second round: 01/18/21:35 – Guarani x Santos – Record, Premiere and Paulistão Play

Third round: 01/22/6:30pm – São Bernardo x Santos – HBO Max and TNT

Fourth round: 01/25 / 21:35 – Santos x Água Santa – Recording, Premiere and Paulistão Theater

Fifth round: 01/28/6:30pm – Santos x Ferroviária – HBO Max and TNT

Sixth round: 02/04/18:30 – Palmeiras x Santos – YouTube, Premiere and Paulista Play

Seventh round: 02/08/21:35 – Santos x São Bento – Recording, Premiere and Paulistão Play

Eighth round: 12/02/6:30pm – Sao Paulo x Santos – HBO Max and TNT

Round nine: 02/16/7:30pm – Santo André x Santos – Youtube, Premiere and Paulistão Play

Round ten: 02/20/20 – Santos x Portuguesa – Premiere vs Paulistao

Eleventh round: 02/26/4pm – Santos x Corinthians – Recording, Premiere and Paulistao Play

Twelfth round: 03/05/16h – Ituano x Santos – HBO Max and TNT

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