May 30, 2023
French Grand Prix: Leclerc secures pole ahead of Verstappen |  Formula 1

French Grand Prix: Leclerc secures pole ahead of Verstappen | Formula 1

In a private duel throughout the beginning of the weekend, it would be better for Charles Leclerc. The Ferrari driver accelerated to take center stage at the French Grand Prix at Circuit Paul Ricard, in Le Castelli, with a time of 1:31.727. Max Verstappen left RPR player with a time of 1 minute 31 seconds 891. In search of the championship lead, Leclerc then starts Sunday’s race, at 10 am.

He is Leclerc’s sixteenth magnate, seventh of the year. He even got Carlos Sainz’s help to get a pole position. In the third quarter, without a chance of getting to first place due to a power unit change penalty, the Spanish driver helped his Ferrari teammate open the void to ensure Leclerc twice as fast. It worked. in the end thank you

Charles Leclerc takes part in the Paul Ricard circuit – Photo: Getty Images

If it weren’t for Carlos, it would have been even tougher. The difference was huge thanks to him. The car looks good. “We’ll see how it goes tomorrow,” Sainz said.

Sergio Perez took third place on the grid. Alongside him is Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. Lando Norris, who wasn’t coming from a good weekend, stunned by taking fifth.

French F1 GP qualifying result – Photo: F1

The heat wave that hit all of Europe caused the track temperature in Paul Rijkaard to reach about 55 degrees Celsius. While everyone was still slowly moving towards the start of training, Charles Leclerc immediately accelerated, putting the 1m31s727 on the soft tyres. Verstappen made his first lap soon after, but slightly less, with a time of 1:31,861. In the end, Albon came to ride in Sector 10, but remained on the playoffs list for the second quarter. With the timer off, Mick Schumacher managed to make a great lap. The weather could have given him a spot in Q2, but when he maxed out part of the track his lap was canceled.

Who gets in the way:
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Leclerc even jumped to the top at the start of Q2. However, the Ferrari driver was overtaken shortly thereafter. First, by Perez. Then, by Verstappen, who scored 1m31s990. But the lead was short-lived with the Dutch either. Carlos Sainz put 0.9secs on the RPR competitor and jumped to the top of the second quarter. From there it never came out.

Who gets in the way:

Q2 result – photo: F1

Sainz was punished by the loss of positions due to the change of the power unit, and he could not install the shaft. Then play the team game. He tried to create a vacuum on the opening lap to help Leclerc find first place on the grid. I passed. Monaco then set the best lap at the start of the period with a scale of 1 minute 31 seconds and 209. Soon, Verstappen was only eight thousand behind the Ferrari rival.

In the latter part of Q3, Sainz repeated helping. Again, it worked. Leclerc cut the time even further, with the 1m30s872. Verstappen still tried to take it out, but couldn’t.

Info and schedule – F1 French GP – Photo: Infoesporte