April 13, 2024
Vasco players' notes in the loss to Villa Nova

Vasco players’ notes in the loss to Villa Nova

Thiago Rodriguez [GOL]: He still failed to make it out of the net, but it wasn’t much wanted. He only saved one. Note: 5.5.

Gabriel Dias [LAD]: The team started well, with more freedom to come up to attack and disarm at Vasco’s best chance in the first half. In the second stage, he missed a Villa Nova goal, and Rafael Donato climbed over it to open the scoring. He left in the 27th minute of the second half. Note: 2.5.

Quintero [ZAG]: He had good objections and had a security behind him on his release and ended up being responsible for Vasco’s departure at various times. Note: 5.5.

Danilo Pozza [ZAG]: The player with the most correct passes per match, the defender would have done well on another opportunity in the starting lineup. Very safe, but he lacked the quality he has in his passing to break the opponent’s streak. Note: 5.5.

Edemare [LAE]: A leader in the tackles, the player missed a few passes, but was almost compromised in the first half on the ball that Figueiredo recovered and then lost again by Beck. Lance ended up in a dangerous Villa move. Note: 4.5.

Gabriel’s costume [VOL]: The midfielder’s performance did not justify choosing Mauricio Sousa to start playing at Serra Dorada. Zee Gabriel did not qualify for the exit ball or the team’s defensive ball. He left in the 26th minute and is suspended for the next match. Note: 2.5.

Andre Santos [VOL]: He made a good number of tackles (3) and was again the most chased player on the field, suffering four fouls. Once again, he was practically alone in team building. Note: 5.0.

Baby [MEC]Substituted in the 37th minute of the second half, the midfielder had Vasco’s best chance of the match, but he missed it by kicking the goalkeeper when the score was still 0-0, his only shot on goal. He still misses several passes, with the team’s worst use of command. Note: 3.5.

Gabriel Beck [ATA]: The striker touched the ball 10 times in the Serra Dorada stadium, but again made a mistake in his decisions, losing the match one to one. He tried two shots, but this did not lead to a danger to the opponent’s goal. He was replaced in the eighth minute of the second half. Note: 3.0.

Figueiredo [ATA]: Returning from injury, the striker remained on the field until the eighth minute of the second half. He even helped in the defensive recovery, with two tackles, but he owed the front and left the game with two serves. Note: 4.0.

Raniel [ATA]: Unlike the last round, Raniel underperformed in Serra Dorada. He had only one header in the second half and contributed a bit to the front. Note: 3.5.


palaces [MEC]The midfielder took Figueiredo’s place to play on the wing and participated a little in the match. Note: 3.0.

Eric [ATA]: He got into Beck’s place and didn’t change the match on the side at all. Note: 3.0.

Leo Matos [LAD]: He replaced Gabriel Dias and did not concede. He hit all the passes he tried. Note: 5.0.

Junio [VOL]: It started well, but followed the team tonic, with no resources to change the history of the game. Note: 4.5.

Iguinaldo [ATA]He came in at the end of the game and had very little time on the field. There is no degree.