March 1, 2024
From Bolsonaro hurting Globo to losing Simone and Simaria

From Bolsonaro hurting Globo to losing Simone and Simaria

Marcos Ochoa Give an opinion about the strong wave of layoffs that are taking place in Globe in recent times. According to the journalist, the position of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) will be largely responsible. Learn more about this and other topics in the NaTelinha Brief.

bang made by Simon And the Simaria on social networks. The sisters mourned the passing of an aunt, sharing a bit of this delicate moment with followers, greetings.

Accusation of copies that you have been exposed to Luciano Hack last Sunday. Announcer along Anna Maria Bragaa game appears very similar to the program image Elianawhich was immediately pointed out by netizens.

Jair Bolsonaro hurts Globo

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bring the journalist back Globo . mass layoffs The President in an interview conducted last Monday (23). The engagement came at the hands of the journalist after he left the radio station where he had been residing for 34 years in November of last year. He said the CEO has imposed a recruitment system harmful to the channel, which has led to significant salary cuts in recent years.

“I don’t have a contract anymore. It was one of the things Bolsonaro did… Previously, the people who got better paid at Globo were earning as a legal entity. In the first year of government, he was already at the top in terms of employment, saying he couldn’t Be that as it may, and everyone gets to work again. Even Galvão, even Faustão,” Marcos Ochoa told the Inteligência Ltda podcast.

“I was a paid person like everyone else. There was no expiration period. I quit naturally. I explained I wanted to leave. I have no regrets for Globo. Of course, there were times when I wanted to do things I couldn’t because they wouldn’t let me But it’s the rule of the game.”

The loss of Simon and Simaria

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Simaria has used social media to share sad moment with your followers. The singer posted a tribute to her aunt Maria, who passed away and left her entire family in mourning. “Aunt Maria, I am far away, but my heart and soul are with you there. I know you are now with my father, your brother, for whom you cry every time you see me, after all, I also miss him a lot,” she began.

“I write with tears, with a torn heart, but I thank God for your ability to give you a worthy departure, for it was what I wish your brother had. It comforts me to know that you are now by my side my father, Uncle Ze, Uncle Viva, my grandmother Cesena and my grandfather Lewis.”

Simone Mendes, sister and country duo of Simaria, also spoke about the loss on the social network. “Yesterday wasn’t a very nice day. I was frustrated and still very sad, but life must go on. I miss you… It’s fire, isn’t it? The only certainty we have in life is death., huh?”, he said, in stories.

Hack is accused of imitating Eliana

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Ana Maria Braga’s participation in Domingão with Huck sparked a lot of emotion on stage, but also Controversy sparked on social media. The case took place last Sunday (22) and ended up accusing Luciano of copying a painting shown to Eliana, at SBT.

All because, when advertising a gymnasium on stage, presenter Luciano Hack explained that five plates of different contents were taken, two of which were pastry cakes. Netizens saw similarities between the photo provided and É Doce ou Não É, broadcast by Programa Eliana, from SBT.

Both boards consist of objects arranged side by side in different shapes, some of which are cakes made with the actual shape and size of the objects depicted. On Eliana’s board, a participant in the program must put tags to indicate if she thinks the item is cake or if it’s real.

Sonia Abram shows off her son’s wedding

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Last weekend, Jorge Fernando, son of Sonia and ex-husband Jorge Damiao, married journalist Isabella Moraes and received many acclaim from his mother who… I recorded some moments of celebration And post it on social media. “Have a heart! Seeing a son fulfill the dream of love makes our souls overflow! Huh and abraojorge_ and bellamorais?” he wrote on Instagram.

Still in the same position, RedeTV Presenter! He explained that this was just a civil union and that the religious celebration would take place in June with the blessing of Father Antonio Maria in the Catholic Church. The first ceremony was led by the spiritual Marise Paolo Accioli.

Sonia, who also shared a video of Marichi’s speech, said she thanked her in the post explaining. Sonia also briefed her followers on the record of the exchange of rings.

Thiago Levert elects the program he no longer wishes to present on Globo

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Another famous guest was Paula da Viz (21), on ESPN, and was elected The Globo Program He Doesn’t Want To Submit repeatedly. In the attraction led by André Plihal, the journalist was challenged to say what he believed he did best on television.

“Better? I don’t know if it was the best I’ve done, but it’s the most important to me, and that’s what I don’t want to do again, because I think it’s over, it was good and I suffered a lot. It was Globo Esporte in Sao Paulo. I think That it was there who changed everything. It was very difficult to do that. Me and the team, we did a good job, we were able to hold out there for many years, against everything and against everyone too, despite all the crowds against us, we made it,” he said.

In the sequence, Diana Garbin’s husband admitted that the sport was a turning point in his career. “That was what changed my life. It was what really put me in Central da Cuba, which in turn put me in The Voice, which put me in Big Brother. But the start of it all, the starting point is Globo Sport of São Paulo without a doubt,” he added.

Matthews Solano breathes against Globo

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the actor Show great displeasure Last Sunday (23) on his Instagram for not being able to combine the three other heroes of Quanto Mais Vida, Melhor!. The actor answered a fan who asked if there would be a live show that brings together the four main characters of the story that will end next Friday (27). “Unfortunately no. First, Globo hesitates, I won’t hide it from you,” he began.

“We had a whole series to integrate the live broadcast, it would be very cool, I’m going to meet my dear fans, but there is a lot of rice and beans for Globo meaning this interaction with you,” he admitted.

The actor said he called and insisted that the station broadcast this live broadcast, but it didn’t happen. “I called and insisted several times inside, with those with the phone: ‘So, will there be a neighborhood of the four?’ No one answered me.”

Elisangela receives a warning from Globo

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Adapted from the following twenty-first TV series, Elisangela may be out of work. The 67-year-old actress has received an ultimatum from the broadcaster: she will only be part of Travessia’s staff, by author Glória Perez, if she gets vaccinated against Covid-19. The decision is up to the veteran, who has not proven to be vaccinated and has already, on social networks, campaigned against vaccination.

NaTelinha found that Gloria Perez requested Elisangela on the cast of Travessia, a prime-time plot the author wrote for Globo and replaced Pantanal in the second half of 2022. Querer (2017), O Clone (2001), among other novels.

It turns out that Elisangela had not submitted her vaccination passport and had already announced that she would not be taking the doses against the coronavirus. Globo, who closed the siege to deniers, warned that if she was not vaccinated, she would be rejected from the plot. It’s in her hands. The actress’ last work on the network was in A Dona do Pedaço (2019).

Globo opens a new batch of TV series

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announcer It will open a new path for TV series in your morning schedule. The feat, never seen before on Radio Rio de Janeiro, will begin with Cara e Coragem, a seven in the morning TV series that premieres next Monday (30). According to information from columnist Patrícia Kogut, of Jornal O Globo, the feuilleton will be re-run Monday through Friday, right after the Conversa com Biel. On Saturday, after the Supersin.

With this strategy, the channel aims to attract the audience that cannot watch the plot in traditional time, especially the youth, who represent a third of Globo-connected TVs in this range.

Cara e Coragem, written by Claudia Soto and starring Taís Araújo, Paolla Oliveira, Marcelo Serrado and Paulo Lessa, combines ingredients that are attractive to this group of onlookers, such as sexy doubles, parkour, and vertical dance.

Justice orders Band and Record to reduce church space

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Federal Court Sentences Band Rio and RecordarReducing the time allotted to churches on their own schedules. This was the decision in the public civil lawsuits filed by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, according to information released last Monday (23) by the Rio de Janeiro Public Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the court ruling, Band Rio and Record must reduce the total commercial period of their schedule to 25% of daily time – the equivalent of six hours – including space sold to religious or non-profit entities. On the other hand, the union ordered the supervision of compliance with the legal limit by broadcasters.

In December 2019, the Rio de Janeiro Regional Public Prosecutor’s Office of Citizens’ Rights filed public civil lawsuits against Record and Band Rio, citing non-compliance with the Public Broadcasting Act, which sets a 25% cap on marketing airtime. A 2016 survey indicated that broadcasters dedicate up to 9 hours and 30 minutes per day to religious programming.

Globo wants to honor the authors

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The announcer has already started Moving behind the scenes of the drama sector To choose the authors who will write the 100th series at 6 pm and 7 pm, which are scheduled to air between 2023 and 2024. And who appears as the favorite are the two most distinguished names of both times in the 21st century, Walcyr Carrasco and Joao Emanuel Carneiro, but it may appear Ivan Ribeiro.

According to NaTelinha, director José Luiz Villamarim has already announced internally that he considers history important and that he doesn’t want just another series to air, showing Globo’s stability on soap opera schedules. Although I am studying to finish the 6pm band, while this has not been confirmed, the planning remains the same and the bands should be full of tributes to mark this date.

At 18:00, Além da Illusion’s alternative, Mar do Sertão, is scheduled to air in the second semester and will be the number 97 already shown on the track. Then, the next one, Amor Perfeito, signed by Duca Rachid and Julio Fischer, which will be broadcast at the beginning of next year, was chosen as 98. After that, the trend is for the summary presentation by Thelma Guedes and Thiago Dottori to be approved in the second half of The year 2023, as the 99th work.