April 13, 2024
From the Sidelines: How and Why Palmeiras Lost to Bolivar in Libertadores Debut |  Palm trees

From the Sidelines: How and Why Palmeiras Lost to Bolivar in Libertadores Debut | Palm trees

Bolívar 3 x 1 Palmeiras – HIGHLIGHTS – CONMEBOL Libertadores Group Stage

– We were waiting for two opponents: Bolivar and Aloha. We weren’t expecting the third,” Abel Ferreira said in the post-match press conference, referring to the refereeing.

under the General Electric It brings the vision of someone who was close to the events, including Bolivar and the referee’s performance, the effects of height and behind the scenes after the match.

Reno Lopez in Bolivar against Palmeiras – Photo: Henrique Toth


To treat Bolivia’s most traditional team like any other would be a great injustice. The club has been investing to become a continental powerhouse too, as evidenced by the club ge about the partnership with City Group .

Well organized by Spanish coach Benat San José, the Bolivian national team knew how to impose their game with good quality in midfield passing. It is no coincidence that Bolívar’s passes were better than Bolívar’s. Palm trees (82% x 76%).

But on the field, at 11v11, the impression passed was that Palm trees He was able, yes, to defeat this Bolivar. He even took the lead with a wonderful goal from Flaco Lopez. But then another “nemesis” appeared, at least from Verdau’s point of view.

– We came to play to win, Bolivar had the advantages, but it ended up with strict arbitration Palm trees And they had the upper hand with one player too much. Marcelo Lumpa said after the match that this created an imbalance.

Bolívar x Palmeiras – Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras


It was Alexis Herrera, the FIFA referee from Venezuela, who officiated last Wednesday’s match. On the rise, he faced a moment of “hype” in his career, lashing out at Abel Ferreira Herrera in the press conference.

From the edge of the field, you can see the Palmeiras players’ discontent with him, especially after Gilson’s first yellow card.

What irritated the athletes most was the lack of standards. Abel and important people inside the club irritated him. The opinion is that the fourth official, Jesus Valenzuela, also from Venezuela, would be a better option to try.

In the bid below it is posted Palm trees On social networks it is possible to see the entry suffered by Mike, who left the field limping. The referee didn’t even mention a foul.

Mike limps off after beating Palmeiras in the Libertadores

Height (and adaptation to it)

In an interview with General Electric On Tuesday, Guido Loaisa, the former president of Bolivar, joked about the hike. According to the historical leader of Bolivian football, many teams rely on the “excuse of altitude” when they falter against their country’s teams.

And this speech by Guido was confirmed by colleagues from the Bolivian press at Abel’s press conference. The coach was asked about it, but he responded, commenting on the effects he felt and remembering the first half of the season Palm treeswhich could have expanded the scoreboard.

– If I told you I spent those two days with a headache? I’ve never been to an altitude before, and I know from the plane when it’s going up and I’m starting to get really upset. We could have won too, Breno has a chance to score two or three to zero. I didn’t count on the height, but I’m not the one to decide. If CONMEBOL says there should be a game here, let’s play.

Abel Ferreira at Bolivar x Palmeiras at Libertadores – Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras

Indeed, height matters. a Palm trees He took oxygen to the match, but kept it in the locker room to use it only in extreme cases, because the image of an athlete breathing through such a tube is usually powerful.

At the start of the match, Verdão managed to match Bolívar’s speed, who, despite the pressure, played an equal match with Verdão. Gradually, the intensity decreased.

Hands on the waist, hands on the knees to rest, and obviously less speed in offensive and defensive transitions began to appear.

– Now that there is a need for adaptation here, yeah. As he told his friends, it has always been like this, we will continue to be like this and move on, – said Abel.

Palmeiras players look tired in the first half of the match with Bolívar – Photo: Henrique Toth

Behind the scenes at Verdau, the criticism has been directed specifically at CONMEBOL, who decided the Libertadores kits at the start of last week. Really did not Palm trees The time to prepare for, and suddenly, a repeat victory over Bolívar in 2020.

That year, Verdão’s team had four days, including match day, to adapt to La Paz. By the way, in the current version, the Palm trees Hold a training session on Tuesday and another on Wednesday with goalkeepers only.

Vinicius Silvestre also commented on the height in an informal conversation with the reporter, and stated that the main problem of his position was the speed of the ball. But that’s not all, the air does not come, Artur said.

– The main difficulty was the lack of air, we are looking for it and can’t find it.

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