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Galaxy S22: 3D model enhances design elements, but sales forecasts don't cheer up

Galaxy S22: 3D model enhances design elements, but sales forecasts don’t cheer up

Update (10/04/21) – JB

as much as Galaxy S22 Ultra It might be surprising Lots of people when it comes to the final design, the same cannot be said about Galaxy S22 pattern. This was very evident in Some cases leaked last week And today we got a new confirmation of this fact.

This time a 3D model It is built of aluminum To show the “fingerprint” of the smartphone in the real world. The prototype authors revealed that they relied on concepts and other previous leaks to arrive at the end result.

Check below that there are not many differences between the S22 and your predecessor.

Other relevant information has been confirmed by people working at Samsung. According to Elec portal, South Korea expects the Galaxy S22 to be the best-selling model within the new smartphone line.

However, the forecast Only 20 million units produced Somewhat conservative and shows some pessimism on the part of Samsung.

The numbers for the S20 and S21 were 26 and 30 million units, respectively.

At the moment, Samsung does not comment on the matter, but the company has done it Suffered from the lack of chips This could also affect the production of the S22 line.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE receives updates

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RAM Plus: Samsung may issue a resource

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Original text (09/30/21)

Samsung may have files Officially closed All their plans for the Galaxy S21 lineup, however, South Korea should show full focus on the next generation of its high-end phones. There is a lot of speculation about Galaxy S22 – Leaks indicate that DimensionsAnd hardware NS Camera Specifications From the line that will also include S22 more NS S22 Ultra.

In terms of design, there is no confirmation yet on the appearance of the new models, but this Thursday (30) months of the dropouts Fronttron NS Ice world Released images that are displayed Model Protection Covers And bring visuals of your potential appearance.

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Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus batteries have

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As noted in the articles provided by FronttronAnd There will be a few changes Compared to current generation mobile phones. The camera assembly is still arranged vertically in a unit with a metallic finish located in the upper left corner. It is interesting to note that the design Galaxy S22 Plus matches the OnLeaks leak.

Go to info Ice world, we can find a “P” shaped camera module also similar to Look revealed this month. The performances are likely to be from the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the flagship of the line. This version You must inherit the items Give Note Unconfirmed Line, including support S Pen.

Over the course of the year, the company has shown its focus on the launch of basic and mid-range mobile phones, including Galaxy M22And Newly launched in the Brazilian market. with arrival Pioneer From the Galaxy S22 series, we can also look forward to the launch Galaxy Tab S8And New version for tablet The most advanced in its portfolio.

What do you think of the appearance of the new generation? Do you expect Samsung to introduce these changes? Comment your opinion!

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