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Everything fell! WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook crashes; Telegram is also unstable

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Everything fell!  WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook crashes;  Telegram is also unstable
Everything fell!  WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook crashes;  Telegram is also unstable

Update (10/04/2021) – Posted by DT

In many reports, users claim that they are unable to use The WhatsAppOh Instagram it’s the Facebook social networking site. the three Platforms showed unstable service after 12:30 pm (Brazil time) This Monday (4) fell.

the site Down Detector spotted the drop and started receiving a high rate of complaints this afternoon. The system failure map indicates notifications in different capitals of the country, such as São Paulo, Curitiba, Recife, Salvador.

the team everyone It also found outages in the services of the three social networks after the time specified in the site’s notifications bottom detector. Users in other countries have also reported problems.

in your The official non-Twitter profile, about facebook, who also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, he said that aware of what happenedI apologize to the users NS Certain Work to solve the problem as soon as possible.

WhatsApp also used Twitter to express itself and follow the same line as Facebook.

It’s not the first time that the three social networking services are down, and it probably won’t be the last. The last failure recorded in the platforms occurred at the beginning of last month, When Instagram showed instability in use.


As always, the cable, which is the main competitor of the WhatsApp messenger app, took advantage of the whole situation to play with the competitor on his official Twitter profile.

Although the, Telegram also introduced instability on Monday afternoon. around 3 pm (Brazil time)The messenger paused for a few minutes and returned to activities a short time later.

Other services also have problems

Down Detector also logs complaints about problems on other platforms, such as Slack, Facebook Messenger and banking services like Nubank as well as phone operators.

What is happening?

The companies have yet to officially comment on what actually led to the sudden drop in services. However, it is possible to get some clues thanks to the message “5XX Server Error” displayed to users.

The warning “5XX Server Error” simply means that The cause of the problem is the failure of the service servers. In practice, the error occurs when the server, i.e. the central computer, The user request could not be completed Thus, there is no way to display the required information.

When this happens, WhatsApp stops sending messages and Facebook and Instagram stop showing posts and photos.

Twitter follows signatures

With the decline of social networks on Facebook, the Twitter He decided to make fun of the fact that his platform went online.

“Targeted” humor networks entered the game and the official WhatsApp and Instagram accounts responded to the Twitter greeting.

Users also celebrated the fact that Twitter followed unimpeded.

Update (02/09/21) – JB

New Day, Another fall. On Thursday (2), many Instagram users around the world woke up and noticed that the . file The photo social network is down. Complaints started in India (they wake up first), and spread throughout Europe and also reached the Americas.

According to the numbers collected on DownDetector, about 52% of users are complaining about the unstable app, while 25% have not been able to connect to the service.

At the moment, the issue only affects Instagram within a profile Facebook application ecosystem.

So far, the Social network did not comment about the cause of failure. In any case, it is important to note that it is becoming more and more common for users to encounter problems with Mark Zuckerberg’s social networks. This has even become a meme on Twitter.

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Update – 04/08/2021 – by EB

Facebook and Instagram got into trouble again. A little less than 3 weeks after the two networks, including WhatsApp, registered an instability that annoyed many users, and now Mark Zuckerberg’s networks have failed again. Check out the details today.

Whatsapp c

April 08


April 07

According to reports on DownDetector, a website dedicated to identifying problems in the functioning of social networking sites and networks, Instagram and Facebook registered a large number of complaints about problems around 18:32 on Thursday (08/04).

On Instagram, the instability mainly affected the feed and general glitches, which represented complaints from 73% of the more than 71,000 reports registered on the DownDetector platform.

For Facebook, 56% of users reported a general failure of the social network, while 26% said they had problems logging in. A total of 110,169 complaints were registered on the DownDetector platform around 18:32 BST, when the Instagram failure peak was reached.

So far some users have reported slow uploading of photos and videos on both networks, but their performance seems to be back to normal. WhatsApp doesn’t seem to have got a bug this time around.

There is no information yet about the cause of this temporary failure. So far, none of the networks have commented on the issue.

Did Facebook or Instagram have problems today? Tell us in the comments.

Original Article – 03/19/2021

Across Brazil, users are reporting that Facebook social networks are down, preventing messages from being sent and received through them The WhatsApp and access to Instagram. Users noticed the instability around 2:30 PM (GMT) on Friday (19) and it will also affect Facebook Messenger.

The problem was not isolated, as users Twitter Also note the instability, with the News Feed being noticeably slow to update, but you can still browse almost normally.

to the podium Downdetector Displays Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook and Messenger With a high peak of reports from users having problems accessing, with more than 180,000 people reporting problems to the site at the same time.

However, it’s not just Facebook’s services that have problems. Table Downdetector Displays instability peaks in all major operators in Brazil, such as vivoAnd naturallyAnd ClearAnd Hello NS Tim. Google and YouTube search engines also appear with tops on the site, as you can see below.

Telegram, as always, seize the opportunity Ridiculous From competitors, saying they won’t be posting memes this time: “I leave it to you.” The platform will also go through an unstable state, as shown in the graph of Downdetector, but on a much smaller scale.

Check out some feedback from the internet below.

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