May 30, 2023
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Gas coupons will not be paid in May; Find out why

The gas voucher must not be paid in May. In light of this, many Brazilians are wondering whether the benefit has been canceled and whether it will be paid again.

In short, the Auxílio Gás feature was effectively suspended in May. Also, if you want to know why, check out the details below.

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Gas coupons will not be paid in May; Find out why

In short, accrual was suspended in May. However, there is a reason for this: according to the gas coupon rules, payments for the social program occur in every two monthsThat is, they are paid every two months.

In light of that, and given that the last transfers occurred in April, a new set of benefits won’t be available until June. In 2022, the gas coupon will have payments in even months, parallel to Auxílio Brasil’s premium dates.

The measure that authorized the gas voucher aims to help, through value transfer, to low-income Brazilian families so that they can purchase cooking gas.

In addition, the value of the gas coupon is equivalent to 50% of the average price of a 13 kg cylinder sold in Brazil. During the month of April, the aid amounted to R$51. In addition, an amount of 275 million Brazilian riyals was transferred to 5.39 million families.

After all, when will the gas voucher be paid again?

In short, as mentioned above, the gas coupon has not been cancelled. That is, the program only follows the payment periods set by the government.

Therefore, the payment must be returned in June, with the deposit on the dates below. This means that you can rest assured, because the payment will be made in the next month.

final shekel Date
1 June 17
two June 20
3 June 21
4 June 22
5 June 23
6 June 24
7 June 27
8 June 28
9 June 29
0 June 30

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