February 1, 2023

Gems on Mars are found in only two places on Earth

Opal, conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), was found by the agency’s team on Mars. Discovery pebble Precious is an advantage for future human investments on the planet, as it is shaped in part by H₂O. If it is ground and exposed to heat, it may release water.

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The stone can be found in only two places on planet Earth. The first is in Australia, and the second is here in Brazil, more precisely in Piauí. the opal It can be seen in the city of Pedro II, 206 km from Teresina. According to the researchers, only 10% of the material in the municipality has actually been explored.

How is the “mars gem” extracted?

According to historians, the first was located in the municipality of Pedro II in 1969, when a man was harvesting cassava. In the process, he discovered a luminous rock. He took the find to Teresina, and he had confirmation that it was a gemstone.

He began to extract it from the inside after sawing Discovery. Currently, about a dozen opal-mining mines are active in the municipality, and they are responsible for moving millions into the local economy.

Extraction is only done during a dry period, because rains make excavation difficult. Even with the abundance of stone in the area, it is not easy to find. Garimpeiros reports that a year has passed without him being able to find a single stone in the entire area.

Strong market for opal ornaments

With ore extracted, a strong market for making Jewelery It was also brought up by Pedro II. Local entrepreneurs make rings, earrings, necklaces and other things. It is also common to find pieces referring to Piauí and Brazil.

Those interested can find goods and “souvenir” shops at the state’s tourist attractions.

When visiting Piauí to give a lecture, Luiz Fux, Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), was presented with a button in the form of a map do Piauí, made from agates quarried in the city.

The jewel was a gift given to the auditors by the Chief Court of State.