February 29, 2024

Santos dietitians explain how taking care of your gut improves overall health

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kombucha. It appeared in China at least 4 thousand years ago. It is a fermented tea with a gelatinous disc, known as scooby, in which various types of fungi (yeasts) and bacteria live. It contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and to keep microorganisms alive, you just need to combine it with natural sugar – it can be demerara or brown sugar – with mate, black or green tea. This produces a carbonated drink. Unlike kefir, fermentation is slower, taking five to ten days. To start the culture, care must be taken with hygiene, put the tea of ​​choice (5g to 10g per liter of water) cold and sweetened (100g of sugar per liter of water) in a cup, as well as the donated Scooby. Cover it with a diaper cloth, voile or TNT. This glass should be kept in a dark place for 15 to 20 days, until the Scooby takes the shape of the bottle and brews the tea. Then, you can put the filtered tea in a bottle, bring it to the fridge and drink it that way or even add fruits and spices to boost the secondary fermentation process, creating new flavors and carbonizing the brew more. In this case, cap the bottle and leave it up to 48 hours outside the refrigerator. After that, keep it refrigerated and consume it within three days;