March 30, 2023
General Motors employees go on strike in São Caetano do Sul (SP) |  Economie

General Motors employees go on strike in São Caetano do Sul (SP) | Economie

Reproduction: IG Minas Gerais

Employees decline the aggregator salary offer and must negotiate values ​​next week

Workers at the General Motors (GM) assembly plant, in São Caetano do Sul, decided to strike for an indefinite period, on Friday (01), in response to the company’s position on the workers’ wage campaign, as reported by Força Syndical.

At a meeting held today, the workers approved the decision ratified on Wednesday (29) to stop their activity, rejecting the company’s corresponding offer of wages. According to the category, GM refuses to make a significant offer that meets the demands of workers.

“We had no alternative but to paralyze the company’s activities, as the counter-proposal presented at the negotiating table fell short of what we are demanding,” said Aparecido Inácio da Silva, president of the São Caetano do Sul Mines Association. of the Union Force.

As revealed by Força Sindical, the company’s counter-proposal aims to fully replace the inflation that will be applied to salaries on February 1, 2022, plus 50% of the INPC for the period, with application in February 2023, food stamp R$350.00 for salaried employees up to To R$4429.00, implemented in February 2022, and an allowance of R$1,000 to be paid in October 2021.

Economically, workers demand salary replacement based on INPC accumulated in the past 12 months; 5% real increase; Correction of minimum salary by INPC from 2016 to 2021; Food stamps of R$1,000 for workers in the new network and R$500.00 for other workers; Profit sharing (PR) in the amount of R$18,000, with an advance of R$10,000; Thirteenth / 2022 salary half advance to February 2022; insert a clause regarding home office; 5% down payment for five years; Return of salary adjustment every 6 months and Christmas basket.

In addition, the class demands that the social provisions of the current Collective Labor Agreement (ACT) be preserved, especially Clause 42, which guarantees job stability for workers with occupational diseases and the base date is September.

The report sought to acquire General Motors, but has not yet returned.