July 2, 2022
How is the 30,000 Brazilian riyals Chinese electric car made with General Motors

How is the 30,000 Brazilian riyals Chinese electric car made with General Motors

31.3 thousand Brazilian reals. This is the price of the best-selling electric car in China today – converted from 37,600 in the local currency. It is located around Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV, slot created by the joint venture between SAICAnd Wuling NS General motorsand launched in 2020. It’s easy to access, and it’s already a hit in the Chinese market. This year alone, the little one has earned more than 220 thousand copies. But will it succeed in Brazil?

Wuling / Disclosure

For now, the decision to export the Mini EV to other markets is still on paper. But the truth is that the deal left the famous Tesla Back. NS 3 . model It ranks second in the electrical appliance sales ranking in China.

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The Mini EV uses only an electric battery (lithium-iron phosphate) of 9.3 kWh or 13.9 kWh, in the high-end version. The range of the simplest is up to 120 km. However, the most powerful of them makes the car reach 170 km with a full battery. Low power: 27 hp. Torque also: 8.6 million kgf. In this sense, the maximum speed does not exceed 100 km / h.

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In measurements, the Mini EV tramway is 2.92 meters long, 1.49 meters wide, 1.60 meters high, and 1.94 meters between the axles. However, even with a size similar to Smart Fortwo (2.70 m), accommodates four passengers. In other words, it can save a good amount of space in the trunk of the car when there are no people in the back seat. This configuration fits 741 liters.

In the list of equipment, mark Safety. The electric buggy has ABS brakes with power distribution and even Isofix. In addition, an intelligent battery monitoring system for each application, a digital instrument panel, air conditioning, front airbags and power windows are included in the package.