February 27, 2024

German publishes photos of the Titanic in flight on the Titan, experience details: “very uncomfortable”

German publishes pictures of a trip to the wreck of the Titanic (reproduction / Facebook / personal archive)

A German, Arthur Lobel, a crew member of the Titan in 2021, shared logs when he was close to the wreck of the Titanic. In an interview with Correio Braziliense, published on Thursday (22), the businessman described the experience of riding on the submarine.

Loibl revealed that he was the first OceanGate customer to purchase a ticket to guarantee his place on the ship, paying US$110,000 (equivalent to R$525,000). “I was on the submarine in 2021. It was Titan’s last dive, and it was a success. On board with me were Paul Henry Nargolet and Stockton Rush (CEO, OceanGate Corporation). I think it was safe submarine, but it was an experiment.”He said.

Although his trip was a success, he stressed that the car was not quite ready for the next trip. “I think it will take another year or two to make the trip really perfect. There were some minor issues. I realize that in 2022 they discovered problems with the compass and the navigation system. Now, we’ve seen what happened. So we can at least say no, Titan wasn’t safe.” “.said the German.

“We went down, did a perfect dive, saw the Titanic, something very few people have ever done. Maybe 10 or 15 people. We came back alive, safely. We got really lucky!”completed. “Being face to face with Titanic is an incredible feeling. Your mood lifts, it feels so good. I’ve been waiting to see Titanic for four years.”Arthur admitted.

Amidst the ecstasy of talking about the sunken across the Atlantic, the businessman reveals he ran into problems before finally boarding the submarine. “I was the first customer to buy a ticket to dive. The trip was delayed for 2 years due to issues with the first subs. We had huge problems traveling to Canada, due to the coronavirus pandemic. All in all, diving in 2021 was the best I have done so far”I confess.

The German who traveled on Titan in 2021 shares records of the Titanic’s sinking (Photo: Reproduction/Personal Archive)

Loibl also assessed the Titan’s structure, and told how it felt inside the capsule. “In the submarine, it felt very safe. But it’s not very comfortable. The bottom is plastic, you’re sitting on your backpack. You can’t get up and get on your knees. It’s so small. You touch your neighbor’s legs all the time. It’s really uncomfortable. It was hot.” pretty much before we start diving.”described.

“While diving, it was only 4 degrees Celsius in there. It was very cold. For 10 hours we were in the submarine, it’s fine, but when you have to stay there for 30 or 50 hours, it must be terrifying. Today, we learned that they didn’t They stay there for a long time. They died about an hour and a half after they started their descent. It’s hard to say this, but it’s better to die that way than to spend 60 or 70 hours in this little submarine and then die without oxygen.”He said.

In addition to the photos, Arthur also shared with the newspaper a video of the moment they approached the historic ship. paying off:

The German lamented the deaths of Rush and Nargoleh, and recalled their friendship on the trip. Of course I can remember them. I even exchanged emails with Rush on Sunday, hours before he died. Ph Follow Favorite He is a very friendly guy. He is very calm and experienced. Stockton Rush is an entrepreneur and engineer. I never felt insecure with these people. The only thing I’m afraid of is the Titan’s battery system.”I confess.

Arthur Lobel appeared alongside Stockton Rush and Paul Henry Nargolet (Photo: Reproduction/Personal Archive)