February 1, 2023

Giant Viking Hall was found by archaeologists in Denmark

In a recent archaeological excavation in Denmark, a hall structure was found in one place Viking The giant, which, according to research, may be linked to an important era, was erected in the region between the years 958 AD to 986 AD. According to information revealed by the press, the structure was built between 950 AD to 1050 AD. 40 metres.

This may be the biggest Discovery Viking In the last decade, this structure has been associated with an important reign, which, according to history, was in charge of King Harald Bluetooth Gormsson. The suspicion, in addition to the dating made that matches the period in which Bluetooth technology prevailed, is also due to the similarity of the structure of the Hall, which matches other finds of the same shape.

Image: Nordjyske Museer/Reproduction

Above is the official photo of the excavations showing the structure of the hall which was once covered with vegetation, although its configuration is determined on the ground, which helps archaeologists when conducting research and finding remains of material culture.

The excavated site was to the north of Jultland, where the hall has occasionally been found. According to the local museum, little is known about the site’s historical relationship with the Vikings and the historical period, however, Archaeologists They were convinced that there was a grounded hall there.

According to the research group, the purpose of the hall cannot be determined, but it is possible to believe that it was not part of the daily life of the Viking community. To be a place reserved for the elite who settled there.

Responsible for introducing Christianity to Denmark and uniting the country with Norway, King Bluetooth, who was also known as Harald Blatand, has many buildings associated with his reign in the region, including the fortresses of Fyrkat and Aggersborg.

Being a structure associated with the Viking Bluetooth era, the most realistic thing is that the hall belongs to the local elite, as a space for leaders or related people to make decisions. Much of the hall has not yet been excavated, and many artifacts can be found there, however, it is unlikely that other structures will be found.

In addition to contacting king Bluetooth, the hall is also likely the hall of Runulv den Radsnilde, a Viking nobleman who ran a farm in the area. The theory is based on the discovery of a 1.5-meter rune stone dating from 970 AD to 1020 AD.

In the stone, the following statement is carved “Hove, Thorkild, Thorbjørn set their father’s stone Runulv den Rådsnilde”, confirming the idea that the stone and hall belong to the noble family of the area. Currently the stone is being uncovered in the Romanesque church of Hune.

The expectation about the research is that in the coming months the excavations will resume and new research will be carried out to determine the relationship of the Viking Hall with King Bluetooth or with the family of noble farmers in the area.