February 27, 2024

Giovanna Eubank and Bruno Galeazzo pull the look together with kids for their first Christmas at the family farm

Accompanied by their three children, Titi, Bliss and Xian, Giovanna Ebank and Bruno Galliaso starred in a wonderful Christmas rehearsal. look at the pictures!

December 24th
– 20:34

(updated 12/25/2022 at 10:58 am)

Bruno Gagliasso And the Giovanna Eubank They posed for a special photo with their kidsTiti, Bliss, and Zianne celebrate the family’s first Christmas together at the… The farm they built in Mambika, Paraiba do Sulwith an estimated value of more than 3 million Brazilian reals.

For clicks signed by photographer and friend of the couple André Nicolau, Bruno and Jovana combined the chiseled look with their three childrenWho put a lot of effort into the faces and mouths and won the approval of netizens.

“It’s all beautiful, however Titi and Bliss models are born! Easy swag! Fabulous! One follower commented: “Oh my God, Titi and Bliss are models. it’s not possible. Very nice,” another agreed. “The cutest thing I’ve seen at Christmas.”summed up the third fan of the artists. See all the photos in the gallery above!

A farm integrated in nature impresses

Located in the Paradise District, Rancho da Montanha, as it has been named, impresses with its perfect integration with nature. Starting with the palace, everything is self-sustaining, producing more energy than it consumes.

To leave it the way the family wanted it, Bruno Gagliasso got his hands dirty and was involved in all the construction. “Anyone addicted to architecture knows how I feel,” said the actor, upon seeing the result of the project come to life. So great was Bruno’s effort that for Titi and Bliss, the couple’s eldest children, Bruno changed professions. During a conversation with friends, …

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