February 27, 2024
Goiás vs Flamengo: CBF Releases VAR Audio |  flamingo

Goiás vs Flamengo: CBF Releases VAR Audio | flamingo

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has released the audio of the analysis carried out by the VAR in the goal flamingo against Goias, last Sunday. The match ended in a 1-1 draw.

See VAR analysis of Goiás 1 x 1 Flamengo, for Brazil 2022

See VAR analysis of Goiás 1 x 1 Flamengo, for Brazil 2022

Goias was winning 1-0 when Mateus Franca tied flamingo 38 minutes into the second half after a corner kick. In the first moment, referee Ramon Abate described the attacker’s mistake on goalkeeper Tadu. Guided by the VAR technique, he reversed the decision and certified the goal.

Video Assistant Referee: I do not see a shortage. He’s got the touch, and he’s not holding back. For me, that touch doesn’t exist on the goalkeeper’s arm. It was a shoulder. I advise you to check for the possibility that there is no goalkeeper error.

Rule: He swerves before, he doesn’t catch the ball. He doesn’t have the ball, he doesn’t own it. The goal is great.

Mateusz Franca goal at Goiás vs Flamengo – Photo: Heber Gomes / AGIF

The goal came after a corner kick by Arascaeta. Leo Pereira shared a high with goalkeeper Tado, and Mateusz Franca pushed into the net. The referee announced the error, but after reviewing the video assistant referee, he advised that the play be shown on the screen. After analysis confirmed the target that revolutionized the emerald. At Central do Abito, commentator Fernanda Colombo thought there was something wrong with the show. defender of flamingo He said he was not wrong.

– The impression was that after I touched the ball, if I am not mistaken, his glove (Tadeu) touched my head. But I think it’s checked and in trying you can see that I didn’t bump into it. I saw it with my head, I ended up in the goal after a header. The VAR checked I think it was a normal movement, and she saw that everything was fine. We have to trust him, as we used to trust him.

– Photo: clone

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