June 13, 2024

GoldenEye HD announced for Switch, PC and Xbox

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GoldenEye HD announced for Switch, PC and Xbox

GoldenEye HD was officially announced by Nintendo in their latest Direct, and immediately confirmed for online service.

After much speculation, caused by Rare employees who were seen playing and unlocking achievements in the Xbox version of the HD version of GoldenEye, today we have an official confirmation of its existence and its imminent release.

After confirming the HD version of GoldenEye which is believed to be the Xbox 360 remaster has been canceled due to licensing issues, this version has been released for emulators on PC and after great doubts whether it will ever be released, this is the confirmation.

Here is Nintendo’s message:

“Get ready for the mission, secret agents! GoldenEye 007 from the Nintendo 64 will soon be available on the Nintendo Switch as part of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack catalog with the option to play online!”

Meanwhile, Rare has already confirmed the GoldenEye HD version for Xbox, PC and Game Pass with 4K visuals and better performance and achievements.

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