February 20, 2024
Goodbye, tire repairer?  The puncture-blocking tires of a moving car arrive in Brazil - 10/31/2021

Goodbye, tire repairer? The puncture-blocking tires of a moving car arrive in Brazil – 10/31/2021

Pirelli has launched new tires targeting flagship cars and SUVs marketed in South and Central America. The Cinturato P7, Scorpion and Scorpion HT will be available in specific gauges and with Seal Inside technology, which restores a hole caused by a stud, for example, and doesn’t leave you in the way.

Let’s say the Cinturato P7 targets more all kinds of vehicles. The Scorpion was developed to serve the entire off-road SUV segment. Whereas, the Scorpion HT is very heterogeneous, with 70% of its urban use and 30% off-road. The most wonderful of family.

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There is no hole

Seal Side technology is available and makes the tire capable of self-closing in the event of punctures in the tread. This facility is now manufactured in Brazil, at the Feira de Santana plant, in Bahia, where the brand also produces and exports tires for use on snow.

Pirelli notes that anyone interested in a tire with Seal Inside will also get Tirelife Protection Service as a bonus, a program that replaces the tire in cases of accidental and irreparable damage for free.

Pirelli CEO and Executive Vice President for Latin America, Cesar Alarcón, said the new products underscore the region’s importance on the global stage as a leading market for Pirelli.

The launch took place at the Panamericano Circuit, located in Elias Fausto, in the interior of São Paulo. The site functions as an outdoor laboratory and has seven separate test tracks and a total area of ​​1,650,000 square metres.

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