June 25, 2022
Watch today, the world's largest passenger plane returns to Brazil

Watch today, the world’s largest passenger plane returns to Brazil

The big plane flying to Brazil today

The world’s largest passenger airliner is currently flying to Brazil, the large double-decker Airbus A380 commercial, returning to the country after about a year and a half since its last visit, and below you can watch live in this article, the landing of the giant.

The Emirates flight between Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and São Paulo/Cambica International Airport, in Guarulhos – and the only one in Brazilian aviation history to be carried out periodically with this huge model of aircraft, is again presented today with the “Superjumbo” after the long in which it was omitted from the schedule due to the crisis in the air travel market, caused by the Covid-19 epidemic.

The first flight of the A380 has already taken off in Brazil and its arrival can be watched live below. In addition, you can now follow it in real time on the radar, to know exactly when it will appear on cameras placed at Guarulhos Airport.

The aircraft designated for today’s service is the aircraft registered under number A6-EUV, a sample that was delivered to Emirates in November 2017, thus completing almost 4 years of commercial operations. Out of curiosity, this The hundred was A380 To be received by Emirates Airlines. It can accommodate 515 passengers.

Airbus A380 – Photo: Emirates طيران

Today, the EK-261 is flying, and the plane is scheduled to arrive at the airport in Sao Paulo shortly before 17:00 (GMT) this Sunday, however, more or less changes may occur, so it is good to keep an eye on the radar so as not to miss live landing.

To watch the drop, we present below the videos that the channel is now broadcasting from different angles.oscar romeo golfSo you can also enjoy seeing other big and beautiful planes landing and taking off from Guarulhos all day long. Below the videos, you can also catch the A380’s location on the radar screen:

To track the location of the A380 on radar until its arrival, the following video provides the radar screen: