February 21, 2024

Google Wallet has a new look and is much more practical to use

Google has started relaunching the Wallet app, according to user reports. The app debuted a new look on some devices, making better use of available screen space to display additional cards and simplify navigation without compromising the experience.

It is possible to find the changes directly on the main screen of the application: the layout of the cards, previously horizontal, is now organized one by one (switching still takes place with gestures). Account information is still visible as always on top, including the bank’s name, terminal numbers, and card brand.

The changes are most noticeable at the bottom, and it used to be completely empty. In a redesign, Google Wallet now shows additional cards (health plan, boarding passes, tickets, etc.) in a list, similar to what it did in the dedicated section.

Google Wallet wants to be an official wallet replacement, offering contactless payment functionality for flights and on-board browsing. With the software, you can create digital copies of physical cards to pay from your cell phone, save boarding passes, event tickets, car keys and much more.

Gradual distribution

Google Wallet’s visual change is incremental, as it has found Canaltech. The novelty is included in version 2.193.539153788 of the program, but it seems to be activated only through the server license.